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Staying Fit While Travelling

Getting out and about, travelling, and seeing the world can be extremely motivating and uplifting — and can add a huge amount of excitement, adventure, and “spice” to life as a whole.

But for the fitness enthusiasts of the world, travel can often seem like something of a mixed blessing. After all, what if you’ve been lifting consistently in the gym day after day for a prolonged period of time, have been taking workout-supporting STEEL supplements, and are now worried that your gains will evaporate into the blue while you’re on your vacation?

Some people opt to try and find local gyms in their destination that they can visit in order to keep their pump on, but for many others this won’t be either a practical or desirable solution.

Here are some good suggestions for staying fit while travelling.

Explore the world of calisthenic training

There’s a vast world of calisthenic and bodyweight training out there that the average heavy-lifter knows little if anything about. But if you doubt that bodyweight training alone can yield gains, just take a look at Olympic Men’s Gymnastics champions.

Working on a calisthenic program that helps you to get towards a one armed pushup, or that boosts your flexibility and the strength of your tendons and supporting tissues, can be massively rewarding.

Best of all, in most cases you won’t need any equipment in order to follow these kinds of routines — except, potentially, a pull-up bar (but a door frame or tree branch might work too).

Use the opportunity to try some unconventional training approaches, such as isometrics, to see how they impact your gym lifts when you get back home

There are a lot of different training methodologies that were once popular but which fell out of mainstream fashion, that could be worth trying out — especially when you’re travelling and don’t have access to your usual workout equipment.

Isometrics exercises that involve pressing against, or pulling, an immovable object have the potential to boost muscle recruitment and to strengthen connective tissues. Bruce Lee famously did isometric exercises and advocated for them.

Or how about the old-school bodybuilder posing routine staple known as the “Stomach Vacuum” which requires exceptional ab strength?

Or how about even doing some yoga or Pilates exercises?

Trying unconventional training methodologies while travelling, and seeing how they affect your workouts when you get home, can be very eye-opening and fun.

Take full advantage of the opportunity to do a lot of walking each day

Walking is a great form of low-medium intensity cardiovascular exercise, and it has the added effect of burning a significant number of calories, too.

Many travel destinations, and many forms of travel — such as backpacking — naturally include lots of walking, or at least have the potential to include lots of walking.

Taking full advantage of the opportunity to walk more can help you to feel good, to boost your cardiovascular health and fitness, and to experience body composition benefits as well.

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