Friday, May 8, 2020

WW2, Vietnam, Lincoln, and Korean Memorials #WashingtonDC2019

On the second day of our tour in Washington DC last year, our itinerary  includes exploring the Capitol Hill, history museums and memorials.  For me, visiting the memorials for WW2, Lincoln,  and Korean was the most emotional.  Looking at the list of people who fought for freedom is something I am truly grateful for.  They paid the ultimate sacrifice in order for us to  enjoy the freedom we have now. 
 This field trip is a great opportunity for  young generation  to know those sacrifices made.
 I think that the generation who appreciates this most are the older people who truly knows what sacrifices means to these people who laid their lives for their country.  I know I am grateful for them.
 It's just sad that some people don't really care what they have gone through.
 My husband's family experienced loss of life due to war.  He lost an uncle in Normandy and his father served and fought in Asia.  He continued the services of his family by serving 20 years in the Navy.
 Reading through the names made me really emotional.  Imagine the pain their family have felt when they learned that their loved ones have perished.
 That is something that some people don't get nor try to understand.
 To me, this is a sacred place to preserve the lives of those who went to war.  Some of them might have went voluntarily but some might have been forced to go, that they did not have a choice but to go.  Just the thought of going and never coming back alive gives me chills in my spine, it hurts to know that a lot of people died.
 This is is the part of history that should  never be forgotten.
 I am glad that there are places like this where we can learn history.
 I am so glad that schools incorporate field trips in their  program.  It's a great learning experience for young generations.
I was happy that I was able to participate on this exciting field trip. It was exhausting but very educational at the same time.  I wasn't born here in the US so I am eager to  learn the history and this provided me a great opportunity.  It was  also nice to be able to go with my daughter.  My son was supposed to go this year but due to Corona Virus pandemic, it was postponed to next year.

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