Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Is an Early Learning Center Right for your Child? Here’s Why it Might Be

        These days, we’re all just sort of flailing, hoping we’re making the right decisions for our children. The wealth of choice when it comes to pretty much everything involving childcare, education and beyond actually adds to the stress of making major life decisions for our children. It’s so much harder to choose the right thing when there are literally thousands of options out there, and everyone we know is choosing something different. Trends change on the daily, and even just a simple think piece or hot take on Twitter can suddenly usher in a new trend just as you were considering the old one. It can be enough to drive you nuts.
        When it comes to your kids, sometimes muting all the outside noise and going with your gut is the best way. When it comes to your child’s education, this has never been more true. Public school vs Private? Montessori vs traditional learning? Pre-K or an Early Learning Center? 

        The truth is there is no wrong choice. You know your child the best, and you will always choose what’s right for them by instinct. 

        When it comes to their early education, you may be thinking that equipping them with skill sets and learning at a young age will set them up to handle school better when they are older. And as it happens, many experts in the education field, as well as other parents, agree with you. Below, we’ve listed a few reasons that Early learning centers might just be a good fit for your little one:

Promotes Development of All Types
Having that early socialization can help promote social and emotional development in the young child. It teaches them to interact with others from a young age, learning empathy, how to wait their turn, patience and kindness. Being around lots of peers their own age will cultivate development in so many areas, ranging from language/talking and motor skills to developing compassion and understanding differences in others. 

All parents of young children have that fear of the first day of Kindergarten: dropping off a child who is scared, crying and wants their Mommy or Daddy. That separation anxiety is incredibly normal, of course. But putting your child in an early learning center can help get them usd to being away from the grownups in their life at an earlier age, making those longer days at school a much easier transition for them when the time comes. 
And it’s about more than just separation anxiety - early learning centers can teach independence in so many other areas, too. Just encouraging children to do for themselves earlier - simple takes like pouring their own drinks, clearing away their plates, and throwing away trash teaches them independence and self-reliance, as well as responsibility. 
Fun and Engagement
Offering your young child the chance to play and have fun with their peers is so much better than having them always on a device or entertaining themselves alone. This is especially true of children who are only-children or who don’t have other young kids around to play with. Everybody deserves a break; time to de-stress and have fun, and small children are no different. Unstructured play time and social time can really help them build confidence and be happy. 
Skills and Basic Education
Beginning your child’s education early will equip them to handle school with a ready set of skills under their belt. Children who go to early education learn to read faster, have a larger vocabulary, and hit other milestones, such as learning to tie their shoes and more, at a faster rate than those who don’t. Children who began with some type of early learning or education also tend to score higher grades than those who didn’t, likely because they are already accustomed to a school-like setting and perform better. 
Reading and Language
We touched on this above, but it bears repeating because it’s such an important one. Children who participate in an early learning environment often speak more readily, with a much higher vocabulary and language development than their peers. They also begin to read faster and have less difficulty with reading and writing later in their school career. As we all know, reading/literacy and cognitive skills are so important, so this reason alone is enough to consider early learning centers. 
Communication in general tends to be better with children who had an earlier education - they’ll express their emotions and feelings much more readily, as they are taught to do so from a younger age. 
Math Skills and More
Just as reading and literacy skills are better in children who have some early education, so, too, are Math skills. Children who go to an early learning center are often better at math and at grasping key mathematical concepts once they begin regular school. Through basic games like sorting and matching games, they learn mathematical concepts at a basic level, which translates to better math scores down the road. 
Children who go to school young are often more self-confident, especially as it applies to areas where critical thinking is important. They have that built-in belief that they can solve problems, that they understand things, and that they can accomplish their goals. Giving a small child the gift of education at a young age gives them more than just basic elementary facts and skills; it teaches them that as long as they are willing to learn, they can accomplish their goals, no matter what they are. 
        If you’ve been considering putting your young child in an early learning center, why not reach out to a few respected institutions and schools in your area? No matter what learning styles you prefer, or what your budget, you’re likely to be able to find a great school that accommodates your needs and preferences and will be happy to include your child in their educational family. Arm your child with education today!

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