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Taking Your Newborn On Your Travel Adventures?

Just because you’ve got a new addition to your family, doesn't mean you have to pitch your tent. You can still travel to your heart’s content, but you’ll need to be ready to take on some challenges. Newborn babies are inherently fragile, but they’re not so fragile that you can’t travel with them. You just need to be mindful of the usual things, such as skin rashes, restlessness, loud places, flashing lights, and hot and cold temperatures. The only concern is, some of these issues can be exacerbated when you’re traveling. You never know what kind of condition your hotel or motel is going to be while on the road. Packing certain items with you will allow your newborn to stay comfortable and allow you as the parents, to adapt to almost any situation. Some of the issues will be minor and others will be major, but if you follow these guidelines you’ll be right as rain.

Sleeping soundly

While on the road you should seek to give your newborn a sleeping environment that is as close to home as possible. The reason for this is, you don’t want your baby to always be confronted with a new setting. Changing rooms and locations can be stressful for adults and children, let alone a newborn child. Therefore, it's in your best interest to look for a travel cot. These portable cots offer a similar sleeping environment that you would find at home. Some of the best travel cots are enclosed, made with mesh so air can freely flow through, and use a fabric that is both waterproof and windproof. They are portable but to varying degrees. Some are easily folded up and others you’ll need to give a bit more space to not damage the structures by excessive bending. Overall, travel cots aren’t that heavy either as the weight should be around 2-3kg. You may also want to buy earplugs for your baby. This way, the sounds of the room and outside environment can be drowned out. This is going to help your baby get a good night’s sleep if you’re in a busy city that never slows down, like New York. 

Germs attach easily

While traveling to new and wonderful places, we must be aware of germs and bacteria that might be lurking around. We’re so transfixed with the amazing sights and views, that we forget we may not be used to the germs that are floating around. Your baby’s skin is especially vulnerable to these things. This can cause acne for your child as dirt and debris, mixed with natural oils create a messy concoction. But don’t worry because it's not difficult trying to treat this. Here are a few ways of overcoming baby acne. Using cleansing water is one way to gently rub the irritation and clean the area without much pressure. Don’t rub the area with a piece of rough fabric. Keeping all kinds of clothing away from the face is advised. Using creams and lotions will only add to the problem. The skin is overly oiled and thus, the germs are able to be transferred around easily. Whatever you do, don’t pop the spots. You have to be patient and allow the inflammation to slowly die down of their own accord. 

Avoid crowded places

You may want to go and visit Times Square, but with a newborn baby in your hands, that’s not the wisest thing to do. You can travel with a newborn, but going to crowded areas is not recommended. You don’t want to put your child through undue stress. The whole time is going to be challenging. First off you may need to use public transport to get to such areas of interest where there are lots of people. This means you’re in confined spaces with hardly any room to breathe most of the time. Thus, you will be putting your baby through a lot of stress. Your baby will also be crying when there are too many things happening at once. Overloading their mind is going to make newborns scared and frightened. 

If you are going to travel to places where there are lots of people, it's best to visit them at a distance. Instead of going to the inner city of New York, you could visit the suburban neighborhoods where there are fewer people but much the same vibe. Not taking public transport is a given, so booking a rental car or hopping into a taxi is something to consider.

Energy at the ready

While you’re traveling the world, your newborn should never be hungry. That’s why packing baby food that won’t necessarily go off so easily, is highly recommended. Fruit purees are at the top of the list. Due to their acidity and other ingredients, they remain edible for a long time. They’re also sealed so no air can filter into the bottles. Fruit purees have a long shelf life without the need to have any chemicals inside them. Boiled vegetables are close to the top because they offer your baby a lot of nutrition and aren’t that complex to digest. You can buy local vegetables wherever you are and boil them in your hotel room. The boiling temperatures will kill any germs, making local produce safe for consumption. You don’t need to add anything to the vegetables either, as they will be naturally sweet and flavorful. Oatmeal is simple, easy to make and highly inexpensive. Oatmeal is naturally soft when cooked right, thus there’s also no choking hazard. Add a little sugar and milk, and your baby will have a full meal in no time at all. The great thing is, oats can be stored almost indefinitely. Since they are dry, they won’t go off and you can use how much you want whenever you want.

Traveling with a newborn baby is challenging but it's not impossible. Your life doesn't have to stop when you bring your child home. Just be warned that having a portable cot with you is going to save you many sleepless nights and aggravated early mornings. 

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