Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Exercise is Essential to Your Little Ones' Wellbeing

When we think of exercise, we tend to think of adults hitting the gym or fitness classes. Of course, exercise is important to adults. But it’s important for kids too! Luckily, kids do get a lot of their exercise organically. They tend to run from one place to another much more than adults do and they tend to engage in more physical play. But seeing as it’s recommended that kids get at least one hour a day of exercise, you might want to try incorporating routine exercise in too! 

 Of course, let your kids still engage in other activities they enjoy. Game consoles aren’t bad and neither are other more creative pursuits. But a little exercise is going to be good all round. A great place to start is team sports. Team sports don’t feel like exercise, because there’s such a social element to them. Your kids will be bonding with others, learning communication skills and teamwork at the same time as getting a physical workout. 

 You can also try individual activities. Alternative activities like archery, high jump, dance, and other exercise are all just as good for your kids and might appeal a little more to those who prioritize independence and freedom - wanting to work alone and at their own pace. 

 The infographic below by Cisco Athletic Uniform Manufacturers shows some common trends in youth sports participation. Take a look and make sure that you’re helping to contribute to positive trends - keeping your kids fit and healthy!
Infographic Design By Cisco Athletic Uniform Manufacturers

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