Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Travel Dining with Friends at Pies and Pints in Charleston WV

Dining while traveling is fun especially if you do it with family and friends.  Part of traveling adventure is exploring the food.  Sometimes you  find the food that resembles the food that you  ate at one place or it reminds you of your home cooking but most of the times, you discover something new for your palate.  During our adventures in Charleston, West Virginia, we explored the food with friends.

We have experience with our family friends before but this time, we have  multiple families with us who also  participated in the History Bowl championship event.    Black Sheep Burrito was  a decent place to dine.
Pies and Pints was a great place too.  They have so many options.
The great thing about it is the experience that we all shared in  trying this new place.
We had our school principal with us  and three other families, it was a great time.
If you ever visits our state capital and looking for a place to eat, I highly recommend Pies and Pints especially if you like beer.  I am not a drinker so I dunno about  beer but I didn't know how many there are !  The place has a display of beer cans on their wall and almost all of them were so unfamiliar to me ha ha.  Traveling and dining with friends is a whole lot of fun for sure.

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