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How to Save Money on a Family Camping Trip

If you’re looking for a cheap way to go on vacation with your family, camping may be the perfect option. Instead of having to pay for an expensive hotel room and invest in high-priced airline tickets, you can save thousands on a local camping excursion you and your family drive to and pay for much lower lodging costs. Even regular inexpensive camping trips can add up, so it’s important to pay attention to your expenses on your trips. Here are some tips to follow to keep your camping trip costs low and the fun endless.

Bring Your Own Gear

Camping can be a great way to save money on your stay if you prepare ahead of time. Most places have a nominal fee for a campsite if you have your own camping gear. Your best bet is to purchase your own family tent, cookware, chairs, and other camping gear so you aren’t forced to stay in a rental cabin or use the campsite’s equipment. High-quality camping supplies can be used for years down the road.

Learn to Cook Over the Camp Fire

Another great way to keep your camping trip budget-friendly is to take advantage of the camp fire and get started on cooking. Before you head out, look up some creative meal recipes for campers. Experienced campers can save hundreds of dollars by planning out their meals over the camp fire and cooking with their own supplies instead of resorting to fast food or restaurant meals. Your kids will love to help roast their hot dogs by the fire or get their marshmallows nice and toasty for dessert.

Stay at State Parks

Although staying at a campground in a tent site can be deeply discounted compared to hotel rooms, you can save even more money depending on the type of site you choose. Private campgrounds are often much more expensive than public sites, such as state or national parks. Additionally, your local state park is often more scenic and spacious than the typical campground resort set in an RV park. Some states offer yearly discounts if you are a local resident as well.

Buy a Used Travel Trailer or RV

While staying in a tent may be a great experience for some families, others may prefer the protection from the elements that a trailer or an RV offers. The cost of renting an RV or a travel trailer can ruin your budget, so it may be more economically wise to invest in buying your own. The great news is that there are plenty of used trailers out there and RV’s with very little mileage at great prices. Your local insurance agent can even help add a new policy to your insurance plan to keep your purchase protected.

Purchase a Camping Club Membership

Camping enthusiasts can also save huge on all sorts of costs associated with their passion, such as RV supplies, camping gear, and campground fees if they sign up for a camping membership. There are local camping and RV clubs that could help individual families save money, and there are even nationwide enthusiast clubs that give you discounted rates on a large network of campgrounds. This can help lower your cost of your new addiction over time.

Hike Free Trails

Once you get to the campground, you don’t want to bust your budget by paying for pricey activities. Since you’ll already be out in nature, why not take advantage of this country’s network of free hiking trails. Most campground managers can help you get started and offer some trail maps to give you and your family a way to spend some time working together and being active outside.
A campground vacation is a great idea for a family looking to spend a little and get a lot in return. Use these helpful tips to give your camping adventure even more budget-friendly power.

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