Thursday, March 17, 2016

When Driving in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is the  biggest  city   near us.  We  have been to this city many times but haven't explored all of it yet.  That is whenever we go on a road trip and get thae chance to see  other parts of it, I take pictures.  These photos were taken when we went on our road trip to Ocean City.  This was on our way back when we got stuck  from traffic.  
 I love looking at the  building structures in Pittsburgh because they are full of interesting and intricate characters.  Every building has it's own style from a  different  era or time in history.
 The  image below  is like a Halloween shot lol.  I believe this is a church I was trying to capture but I was off due to the movement of the car.
 This was the first time we drove  by Carnegie Mellon University.  The GPS took us to a different route because of traffic, even then, we still got trapped on a heavy traffic which my husband was not happy about.
 I hope to walk around the  campus someday.  We have only been to Duquesne UNiversity campus so I am curious about what CMU looks like inside.  It is beautiful outside though.

 Pittsburgh, has so many beautiful churches,  school buildings, hospitals, and  government buildings.
There is so much to see in Pittsburgh.  I think I would be lost  easily if I walk around there.  There's one place I won't be lost  at though, it is the strip district where we frequently go when shopping for asian goodies lol.  

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Verna Luga said...

Beautiful Rose, thanks for sharing, how are you?

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