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Survival Tips: Negotiating A Long Car Journey With Kids

If you’re planning a road trip this summer, you may be dreading keeping the kids entertained. Long journeys can be notoriously stressful. If you’re eager to eliminate arguments in the back and constant questions about how long there is to go, we can help. Here are some tips to help you survive your road trip and enjoy an incredible family holiday.
Road Trip to Ocean City in 2014
Get sorted in plenty of time

Nothing sets the tone for a fraught car journey like last-minute packing nightmares and delayed departures. Write a list of things that each member of the family has to do. Plan ahead, get cases packed and check that the car is ready and raring to go.

If you’re renting a car for your journey from HotWire for your journey, arrange to collect it a few hours before you plan to set off on your travels.

Plan your route and mark gas stations and potential pit stops. Look out for entertainment venues, sights and attractions along the way. Work out where you’re going to stay and keep your eyes peeled for hotel discounts and coupons for theme parks and movie theatres.
Do a food shop

Before you go, it’s essential to stock up on drinks and snacks. If the children get hungry, they’ll start moaning you could be miles away from the nearest store or cafe. Holidays are for fun and treats, so don’t forget to pack their favourite sweets.

Invest in a portable DVD player and pack games and toys
Driving for long periods of time can get boring, especially for little people. It’s a good idea to keep them occupied with toys, games and films. You could also plan a quiz for your route. Give them clues and encourage them to look out for landmarks or animals, for example. If you don’t have a portable DVD player, download some films onto your tablet before you go.

Stop frequently

Stop every few hours to allow everyone to stretch their legs and get some fresh air. Encourage frequent toilet visits to prevent unexpected stops at the side of the highway.

Make the journey part of your holiday

Start your road trip from your house. Incorporate stop-offs at beaches, parks or bowling alleys to get the party started and break up your journey. The kids won’t complain that they’re bored, and you can rest between long spells behind the wheel. Look at the map before you set off and work out where you can stop on your way down to your first destination.

Talk to your kids about their holiday before you go. Get them excited about the different locations and encourage them to follow your journey on the map.

Put some music on

Create a soundtrack for your journey. Choose songs, which everyone likes and get ready to showcase those vocal talents.

Long car journeys can be boring, stressful and fraught. However, they can also be fun. Bear these pointers in mind and try to break up your journey and keep the mood light-hearted and relaxed. Plan ahead and provide plenty of distractions.

3 travelers' comments:

Elizabeth O. said...

It's definitely a challenge to keep kids entertained when you're on a long road trip. I normally pack toys of their choice so they won't get bored. Aside from that, we have snacks and music!

JOJO VITO said...

oh yes, I guess having something to eat while in the car, some music can do some tricks :)

nova hedges said...

This information you provided is a great help for those who travels a lot who have children that sometimes gets bored so easily. Thanks for this.

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