Friday, February 21, 2014

Valentine Treats in School

The day before Valentine's Day, me and the kids were busy preparing their treats to their classmates and friends. We bought some candies and cards and put them in Valentine bags.  They also made  a Treat Bag in their art class.
I  don't know why  this is being  done to school anyway.  It's kind of  useless if you think about it.  Every  child buys  the same things to give out to their friends and then they get back the same thing.  I personally think that it is kind of silly.  But the joy of giving and receiving I guess that's what matters.
Anyway, I took these photos when they arrived from school after their Valentine's party in their respective classrooms.  They were making inventory of what they got and trading   sweets  that they like.  Most of this went to the  "store it" basket as I don't let them eat too much sweets.
One of the Mom's prepared  a treat which I really liked because it is healthy, an orange, such a clever Idea.
We also bought some   gifts for their teachers (rose and chocolate).

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Eileen said...

You are exactly right. It is the giving that matters more. Same way here during Christmas school parties. Kids exchange gifts with classmates and since there is a price cap, they usually pretty much get the same things. BTW, your kids are beautiful!

Ria C said...

Wow, that's so nice! They also get Valentine's Day treats! I remember our school days back in the Philippines. In HS, we have this weeklong program about LOVE, CRUSHES and DEDICATIONs. There'll be school DJs playing romantic songs dedicated to someone special by the requester and announced over the school's PA. Some were brazen enough to divulge their identity but most, kept it anonymous.

I love Valentine's Day :)

Jhari said...

I wanted to make a card for Julia's teacher last Valentines day, but I don't have enough sources.

Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen said...

Awww, what nice Valentine's treats they have! I'm sure their classmates were very happy.

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