Monday, February 24, 2014

100 Days of School

The kids have celebrated their 100th days of school on Valentine's day. Prior to that, we helped Mr. Burrito make something for the celebration. We used these small bands to decorate her 100 poster.  When it comes to project like this, Ms. Burrito is always willing to help her  brother.  Mr. Burrito does not mind at all as he is not  very crafty.
When I was a kid, we  never had this kind of  stuff.  All we celebrate  was  Christmas.  We did not even have a party for Valentine's lol.  Over here in the US, there are so many celebration for the kids such as St. Patrick's Day, Valentine's day, Easter, and a lot more.

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Fernando Lachica said...

American kids really have a time for this event and they happily participate about it.

Scott said...

100 days is a milestone for them and before you know it they'll be off for the summer!

Jhady said...

ha ha so so adorable and happy kids. My middle son brought already counted 100 pcs cheerios cereal to school while his classmates brought m&m and other stuffs to make trail mix.. That's how they celebrated the 100 day

Franc said...

It's nice that there are a lot of celebration for kids to enjoy in school.

nova hedges said...

this is wonderful it seems that your burritos are having so much fun.

lencilicious said...

Love the pictures of the Burritos. Here the kids celebrate Valentines day for three days. But the most awaited holiday here is the St. Patrick's Day. Unfortunately for me, I won't be able to see the live parade this year as I can't be with loads of people nowadays.

AdinB said...

I am with you. We never had these kinds of things before... never even heard of celebrating 100 days of school until Harley's in school. They just celebrated theirs weeks ago and Harley's got a perfect class attendance so far and I hope it will remain that way. Anyway, lovely kids and always crafty.

Paula Bendfeldt-Diaz said...

This came out cute, they both look so happy!

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