Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sailor's Journey

I told my husband that he should write about his experiences   when he was still in  active duty.  I think that a book about his lifew wuld be a good read for our kids and the next genertation.   He said that he doesn't have the skill to write but I know that he has it  because he used to  send me   tons of well-composed love letters when were still miles apart.  I think the problem  is not  due to lack of  skills or passion but the fact that he is a perfectionist.  When he writes something, it  gets so long and then when he proofreads it, he will delete a lot of it.  He is really good in finding errors or mistakes when he reads or compose an article.  

It would be really nice though if  he can  write a story about his journey as a  sailor.  I think that can  help him  with this.  All he need is time and motivation.  So you see, my husband is a talker, he used to give lessons  to  junior  guys with  some training when he was still in the ship.  He would rather talk his ideas than sit and write it.  That is why him and I are  a very good match because he talks and I listen.

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