Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Embark on a New Adventure

When our two children are  getting to the age where  they need to go to pre-school, hubby and I decided to just teach them at home using   some  resources that we  bought from the store and some resources we found online.  It turned out really well, they enjoyed it and we also enjoyed  the experience. We  encountered some   difficulties along the way but overall, it was truly  a preceous journey for all of us.  When they started  kindergarten, they were   very much ready.

I wish  that I could have known the EmbarK¹² program online.  It could have have been a great tool for us.  Lucky for those parents who are planning to  teach their  pre-schooler at home because they can try their online programs.  The good thing about their program is that, the curriculum is  designed for both  public and private school. The private curriculum could have have been a perfect choice for my kids since they are now attending private school.

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Rebecca said...

what a great program for kids to start learning and nice discount

Pinx JL said...

I have been planning to start teaching my toddler already as he will be going to school next September (2015) as a JK! Will check out the website. Thanks for sharing!

Taty said...

This is fantastic!
What a great way to start out

mommy Orkid Belle said...

I am working on teaching my little girl because she is ready to learn new things. We are getting her some things this weekend that I can use to teach her and I even research online for some fund programs that she can use while learning. Thanks for sharing this one, mommy. It sounds like one great program for kids.

April McGregor said...

My little man is getting ready for school soon. I will check this out. I'm sure it'll help us.

April McGregor said...

I admire your kids talents and interests in learning.:)

Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen said...

Embark looks like a good online tool in teaching kids.

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