Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Easy Ways to De-Clutter Your Child’s Bedroom

Having children means that you’re used to mess and clutter. But that doesn’t mean that you have to put up with it everywhere, every day. Your child may have a messy streak, and find it hard to keep things tidy. But there are a number of ways that you can help them to de-clutter their room and inspire them to keep it tidy. Here are some easy tips for de-cluttering your child’s bedroom.


Shelves are great for when children want to display their favourite toys. You can install them easily yourself, and help your child to come up with different themes for each shelf. If they enjoy displaying their favourite things, they are less likely to leave them lying around on the floor. Help your child to be proud of the way their rooms and items are presented and their room will be less cluttered in no time.


The same thing goes for your child’s drawing, painting or writing equipment. Consider buying – or even making – them a desk where they can keep all of their pencils and pens. Your child will enjoy sitting at their desk and keeping all of their things organised.


If your child has things that they don’t use anymore, consider storing them somewhere else in the house. This doesn’t have to be forever, and you can tell your child that they are still there, just kept somewhere else. If they’re room is a place where they display all of their favorite things, they shouldn’t mind you putting some of their old, used toys in storage until they decide they want them again. Fort Knox Brisbane has a number of storage boxes you can choose from.

Bunk Bed

One of the most common ways for children to keep their room clean is to have a bunk bed. But this doesn’t have to mean two beds. You can purchase bunks with one bed on top and a space underneath for storage or for your child to play. This is a great way of encouraging them to keep their things tidy, as it gives them their own little space to look after. Giving your child responsibility like this may be just what they need to start keeping their room tidy and taking pride in its appearance.


Maybe you have a space that is going unused. An attic, basement or steel building that could easily be converted into some kind of playroom? If so, this can be a great way to de-clutter your child’s room. Let them keep their favourite things in there, but move everything else into a playroom.

Keeping a child’s room clean can be difficult – especially if you are trying to encourage them to keep it clean themselves. But buy showing them that they can display their things and take pride in their room, you are helping them to understand responsibility. Many children love to show off their toys by keeping their room clean and de-cluttered.

4 travelers' comments:

Aisha Kristine Chong said...

De-cluttering is so hard to do - I had a hard time myself - it took me 2 days to de-clutter my room and it feels as if it's still not enough lol!

Franc said...

I think I better take note of this lessons myself is my room is cluttered too.

Mel Cole said...

Thanks for this detailed tips on how to de-clutter a kids room sis. Been busy doing my clean ups here too.

Tina Cors said...

Our house is in a mess. toys are everywhere, bedrooms, living rooms and even in bath rooms. Gosh, with 3 growing up kids, its such a mess! Thanks for the tips on how to de-clutter..

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