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Friday, June 21, 2013

World War Vet

I have a  very high respect for my father-in-law who survived the World War 2.  He served the  Army together with his two brothers who were also got drafted in the military at the same time but   served in two separate  or different posts.  His brother  who was assigned in  Germany was killed during the battle and never made it home, his body was buried there.  It must be so hard for their Mom, I can't even even imagine how painful it was for her and the rest of the family.
I think he  inspired my  husband to join the Navy and now a veteran himself as well.  (I will update this post later).

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richies said...

I appreciate all of our veterans!
An Arkies Musings

Ann said...

Very cool, my Dad also served in WWII. He was a radio tower operator for the bombers.

Kate said...

WHAT a WONDERFUL WAY to honor a WORLD WAR II veteran!! Kate, ABC Team

Hildred said...

My husband was a Lancaster Pilot in World War 2 - he lost both his brothers in France and Germany. A sad time and I am very mindful of the sacrifice they made.

Photo Cache said...

we appreciate all their sacrifices for the country.


Roger Owen Green said...

My dad was a WWII vet.


Robyn Greenhouse said...

A wonderful post. I agree with you, can't even imagine how hard that must be for the Mother and the rest of the family.

Nana Jo said...

I think one of the greatest services of respect we can do for our war heroes is posts such as this one. That, and not letting our children and grandchildren forget.

Reader Wil said...

My father sailed with the allied forces all through the war. He would have been 110 years old. At sea he had seen many ships sinking. He didn't know where we were. He had heard about the concentration camps, but didn't know how bad they were. War is hell, Rose and you are right to honour all vets. So do we !

Marie said...

Thank him for his service from me! God bless him and all the others who fought during WWII. They have our hearts!

Mai said...

He is indeed someone to be admired and respected, as all of those who had sacrificed a lot in WW2. This is a great W post, sis.

chidimma said...

Nice !


Glen Laxamana said...

They are the real heroes.

Shannon Marie Baker said...

:) Thank you sir! Great post! <3

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