Friday, May 24, 2013

Mobile Phone Trade In

Looking at the most valuable  mobile phone at, I learned that Blackberry Porsche Design has the most value if you want to sell it.  You can get up to five hundred and forty seven pounds for it if you try to sell it at the  website I mentioned above.  I also looked at the  my cell phone's brand and type and found out that  there are so many upgraded ones already, whew.  Technology  really advances very fast.  Gone are the days when only few people can have cell phone.  Nowadays, almost everyone can have because they are affordable.
I love my Samsung Galaxy phone and I think I  will  be holding on to this for a long time even though there are so many upgraded ones available already.    What  most important to me is that  I can use the functions that I want in a phone like browsing the internet, taking photos with it when my  camera is  not with me, and  check my opportunities online when we are somewhere and I can't use my computer.  I thought of removing my internet data with it before but after  my internet connection at home got lost for  several hours, I realized how important it is for me to keep the internet at my phone.

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