Wednesday, May 22, 2013

5 Tips for a Child Friendly Garden

If you’re keen to join the many families who are realizing the benefits of getting kids involved in the outdoors in a safe setting, here are some great tips for designing your kid-friendly garden.

Space for Play

While it’s great to fill your garden with lots of stimulating plants, features and ornaments, there should be some space left that’s free for play. An open space will be an asset into teenage years. Your child can use this place to run, make believe, play with toys or practice sports and you can make the most of this space to engage your child in play together. Whether it’s throwing a ball, playing fetch with the family dog or having a backyard picnic, a nice open space in the garden will lend itself to all sorts of fun outdoor activities that get you and your kids outside and in to nature. Coral Homes display homes are a great source of inspiration for maximizing the available space on your block of land through efficient house designs – leaving plenty of room outside for the kids.

Hidden Nooks

Encourage an element of fantasy and make believe by including secret hidden nooks and crannies for your child to discover and explore. A cubby amongst the trees is a great place to play, or a little birdbath under a rose-covered archway would make a magical place to splash or catch a glimpse of native birds. Hiding garden sculptures or ornaments throughout the garden will also add excitement to a garden walk and encourage kids to explore and develop a connection with the character of your garden.
You might also like to include garden furniture like a bench, stool or hammock where you and your kids can sit and enjoy nature, listen to birds, watch clouds or tell stories in your own little hidden garden haven.

Engage the Senses

Add a sense of wonder and excitement to your garden by including plants and features that engage your children’s senses. This also helps develop their perceptual abilities by providing new stimuli. Plants with brightly colored flowers, interesting patterns and textures on foliage and quick growth are all exciting elements to include in your garden that your child will love to experience, touch, smell and watch grow. Herbs are perfect because they smell great and your child can help you pick them to use in food. For the same reason, fruit trees and vegetables are fantastic for kids, as they can watch the colorful fruit and vegetables grow and ripen, then harvest them to eat or cook.

Educational Elements

Try to encourage some education about the garden and the outdoors by including elements that provide learning and knowledge. Signposts for different plants are a good idea, so too are stimulating features like sundials. Talk to your child about plants and animals, and encourage involvement in the gardening and education about the care of plants by providing your child with his/her own set of kids’ garden tools, watering can or even a kids’ wheelbarrow.

These are all easy and achievable methods you can use to make your garden more child friendly, whether you’re designing it from scratch or simply making additions to a well established space. You’ll love having your kids outdoors with you and they’ll just adore the magical space that you’ve created for them.

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