Sunday, June 8, 2014

Delta Airline VS US Airways

We flew through Delta on our way to San Francisco. Flying with Delta was awesome. They served us beverages and snacks (cookies, peanuts, and pretzels). The flight crew were very friendly and super nice too!  Our flight got there earlier than  scheduled.  I always love flying with them.
Minnesota  airport has a  very interesting setting.  The waiting area was  very crowded because   there is a food court where  you can eat and there are  stalls  that sells  souvenirs.  Every table has a built in  iPad (not sure if it was an iPad) which you can use to check  something online  while waiting for your flight.
While waiting for our connecting flight to San Francisco, we've waited at the area where it wasn't crowded and took some photos.
My kids have exercised their legs while walking on this Moving walkway.  They went through it so many times.
A quick snap when we landed at San Francisco Airport.
Going back, we flew via  US Airways.  The crew were very nice too and they served us beverages.  I thought that was  weird because flying with them is a lot expensive than Delta hehehe.
We had a connecting flight from San Francisco to  Charlotte, North Carolina.  Glad that my husband  bought a vegetable salad before we took off  because there is no snack with US Airways.  With our 5-hour flight, the kids would have starved  if we did not have  snack bars and the salad with us.
Our  flight from San Francisco to  Charlotte arrived  ten minutes late so we literally have to run because we only  have ten minutes to catch the plane to Pittsburgh.  I feel bad for my son because he was crying  due to  earache.  I hate when the connecting flight has a very short  period of time  allowance to catch your next flight but there's nothing we can do as we weren't the ones who  set up the  itineraries of our trip.   But given an option, I would choose Delta over  US Air.  It is cheaper and  snacks are free!

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Unknown said...

"We can not do great things. We can only do little things with great love."

Ria C said...

We prefer Delta whenever we go around US on vacay sis. It's cheaper and they have plenty of flights to catch if in case we are bumped off (holding staff tickets, remember? Hehehe...least priority is given to us).

I remember being upgraded to First Class, me and hubby. The daughter and my mom-in-law were not but we all enjoyed Delta.

Linda said...

Wonderful series of photos!

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