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Friday, April 8, 2011

Longing for Warm Weather

I posted some of the photos that I took last weekend when we went to the park with the kids. It was chilly but they did not mind it, I did lol!  Do you see the chipmunk below?  Click the photo to enlarge and see.
Mr. Burrito dug out his Dad's  military  hats and found this round one and used it.
Ms. Burrito is testing her balance skill in the balance beam.
Hubby wanted to see if I can still walk in this balance beam without falling.  As it turned out, I still can hehehe.
They got sick because4 of this activity but  according to the kids it's worth it lol.
I just did not like the fact that they got cold out of it.

Here's our summer plans  for this year.
  • To have our porch renovated.
  • Meet a family friend down in Florida this summer.. Wee can't wait.
  • For me to get back on driving on the road.. sigh lol..
  • Since we are not  enrolling  Mr. Burrito to pre-school, I will be doing the  tutoring at home for him.

42 travelers' comments:

Ai KaiRui Liu said...

maybe just b'cos of the cold weather that they got sick but you know that they've enjoyed the things they did and with the whole family..

yes, po, I have a kid na my 1st and only baby girl, hirap pang sundan kasi di pa stable sa work..and 1 thing is, we aren't married yet..;)

thanks for the comment..

aliz said...

pretty model!

Vernz said...

buti pa kayo diyan Rose may matinung park.. sus dito wez talaga... hahah.. laki na ni Ry..

pls. visit my new
Pink Friday here

January said...

nice family bonding..:)

Don’t forget to visit My Pink Friday wink*

w0rkingAth0mE said...

lovely photos galing mag balanced ng mag mommy ah ..nice turtle too ang huge :) Happy pf! My PF

Krislin Neo, Ting (Syracuse Pike) said...

Yes, yes, I saw it.. It is so tiny... but cute... Wow, that was one shot.. :)

Nice sharing..

Laikka said...

wow sissy thats a nice hangout with your family..and the balance thing is superb,,,hehe hurray to you !you still can!

driving lesson for you is a good one sis:)

visiting from PF and MM..heheh!
have a great weekend!

Laikka said...

by the baby girl is already was not allergy sis but a swine pox:I poor little one but she's ok now! thanks

Pinx said...

wow! you surely had fun at the park mommy! i hope your kids are okay now! visiting your summer plans! here's my Mommy Moments entry!

Hazel said...

That's a lot of fun! minus the cold though. Ano pala yan sa baba sis? putik? Buti at maintain pa rin ang mga balance skills natin :)

chubskulit said...

Hi Hazel, wood chips yan sis.

RyHeAnNe said...

Don't forget to drink a lot water :) Cowboy ang dating ni EJ, sexy ng pose ng mommy ah.

jeng said...

A visit to the park is always fun. :) I think your family will have an awesome summer adventure. : ) Will look forward to your summer photos. : )

♡ N o r e e n said...

sis musta ka na! Long time no bloghooping ako eh!

ANyways, dito sa amin *medyo* warmer na! Kids can't wait to go out and play!

bonz said...

i saw the chipmunk! ;)
nice shots sis and they look they had fun!

happy weekend, sis! ;)

Mel Cole said...

I'm sure excited na excited na kayo for summer. I'm tired of cold days especially if the snow shows up again. Longing to have more warmer days too. Our Summer plans

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

Good luck to your plans!

Anonymous said...

Me too, I am just so longing for warmer days....the cold is such a drag.

Jona said...

perfect combination ang cute ng mga kids nyo :D nice playground!
Enjoy the weekend!

jared's mum said...

looks like you had loads of fun in the playground!
here's to one summer to remember;)
jared's little corner

jared's mum said...

cool pink outfits you have:)
happy pf
jared's little corner

hahai.ponce said...

thanks for the visit.

you too have cute nakakagigil little tots!!!

Mel Alarilla said...

Nice photos of your bonding moments outdoors. I could hardly see the chipmunk as it raced on the pavement. I was concentrating on the trees and I have to go back twice to notice it. You were still agile at the balanced beam although you were wearing shoes with heels. You can probably enroll Rylie in a gymnastic class where she will surely excel just like you. Great that you already had your front porch renovated. Thank for the post. God bless you all always.

chubskulit said...

Hi Kuya Mel, di oa po narerenovate.. balak pa lang, kaso parang di kaya budget namin.. 20k daw kailang wahhh, ala na ako budget..

Mommy Jes said...

they are so cute and surely having fun here! :D sarap sana nga kungmedyo mainit na...dito mainit ng onti pero mnsan lakas nmnhangin :D

heres mine -

if d mo ma access pls visit


Mom Daughter Style said...

Great pictures mommy! Love them

sHeNgKaY said...

nag enjoy sila galore!..yup seen the chipmunks mommy rose..
Visiting from Mommy Moments :) Have a nice day!
My Summer Plans
Shengkay’s Journal
Shengkay Random Nest

Dhemz said...

ayay, bongga ka sis...naka heels pa!

good luck sa plans nyo this year....:) sounds exciting...:)

STEF said...

Good job on the balance and as always, little miss is pretty in her smiles!
Happy PF! Hope you can check out my entry too! Thanks!

anne said...

Get well soon kids! I hope upon writing this comment ok na sila Rose. Anyway it seems like you are pretty busy for the summer. Advance happy summer to you then. Thanks for the comment.

Tetcha said...

Your kids really enjoyed your family day at the park even if it's really cold outside! I hope they're feeling a lot better now. Hope you'll achieve all of your summer plans.

kat said...

di pa ba warm dyan...heto pinadala ko na si sun dyan kasi sobrang hot sya dito hehehe...ang ganda naman ng playground dyan..hehe

☆Mama Ko☆ said...

you're not alone bading, bukas nice daw weather

Visit my Pink Friday

nuts said...

congratulations! hihi, sabi ko na nga ba, you did the balancing well. hihi.. siguro ako ndi ko na kaya. haha

C5 said...

Good training! While by old age, hindi lampa.

PF65 #23
C5 Says Again

nuts said...

sis, palink naman ng new site ko I Embrace Life. I'm working on with my new links in my blog. singit singit ko lang, hehe, almost same title title. i decided to keep my blogspot kasi sayang pr3 non.. hihi. eto yung link, di palang tapos mag build ng links.. isa isahin ko pa, hehe.. (wag mo na publish. hehe.

simply kim said...

sounds like real exciting plans!

Cheerful said...

oh, i saw it, running so fast! anyway, lovely kids, look like it was really great fun and goodluck with your summer plan! btw, you look great in that balance beam! have a great week! -PinayMum - Mommy's Life Around...

carinamodella said...

yes! you have surpassed the challenge :)) i can see that your kiddos really had a great time.

Simply Dyes said...

great fam you have there :)

Thanks for peeking at my plans.
Don't hesitate to drop by my STREET.

Have a great summer!

Chris said...

i hope you accomplish all your goals for the summer! :D happy mommy moments!

by the way, did you want to receive a postcard from the philippines?

seth said...

at least they enjoyed your activities...get well soon to your two Burritos :-)

My Mommy Moments Entry

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