Thursday, May 14, 2015

Cold Temperature Once again Tonight

Our current temperature  is 48 degrees, can you believe that?  ThAccording to the weather  advisory, there is a possibility of a frist tonight so I cover  my vegetable plant  because I don't want them to die.  Having said that,  the drastic change in tempertature reminded me of these photos that I ook of my kids in early sprong when they were jumping in the trampoline.  These were taken  in April so everything seems dead stuill,  they are now in full blast green.  I just hope that  there would be no frost tonight.  
I ;ove it when these two  gets along so well and play together nicely.  Yes, there are days that they can't stand each other but most of the times, they  get along just fine.  I giuess, it depends on their moods and  things thatthey like to do.

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Elizabeth O. said...

How fun! That's normal for siblings, albeit there are a lot of differences, you wouldn't believe they are still the best of allies.

Amanda Tempel said...

SO much fun! I know I'm an adult.. But I just wish I had a trampoline.. lol :)

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