Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Nautical Nature and Camaro

We regretted that we did not  go on a tour  via  Nautical Nature when we were at Morraine Park.  It could have been one relaxing boat ride.  We chose not to go because the kids wants to participate in the activities where there are other kids.  
When you are raveling with kids, it's what they want that matters and not what we want.  I am glad we stayed thou0gh because they had a blast.
 My husband also had the chance to check out one of his favorite  car, the Camaro.
Shadow Shots
 It's awesome how children could just instantly clicks whenever they find something that they both like.  My son was playing with the  toy cars on display and this kids came and they  talked like they knew each other.
 I wonder when can we  go back there again.  We still have a lot of things to explore there.  I just wish that it's not far so we could visit often.
We had a limited time  during our first visit to Morraine Park but we had so much fun!

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Unknown said...

Yes when you have kids you seem to travel from one playground to the next. Sometime though that takes you places you would otherwise not have seen.

Gemma Wiseman said...

Looks like many activities forchildren available. Those smiling young faces say it all.

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