Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas Tree

Everyday, my daughter would ask me when are we going to put up our Christmas tree. I told her that we have to wait till the Thanksgiving is over. My husband is planning to buy us a real Pine tree to use as our Christmas tree. I like the idea because it does smell good inside the house. I just don't like the fact that you can only use it once and that it's prices are a little expensive too. If we have to buy a new christmas tree, I want it the artificial one so that we can use it again and again. For me, it's a practical thing to do, don't you think?
Snow Douglas Christmas Tree

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JonaBQ said...

i think the artificial one is really practical. but if you're talking about aesthetics and value, the real tree is best :D pero ok lang daanin mo nlng sa decors :D

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Unknown said...

just wondering if real Christmas tree, ano itatanim sa loob ng house, nyahahahaha.

si janjan din apurado mag lagay ng christmas tree, sabi ko sa Sweden na lang hahahahaha

nuts said...

tamaaa! kaya lang syempre iba talaga pag real christmas tree.. hihi.. you can smell the christmas pines talaga. :) my tree is up now. :)

Mel_Cole said...

I say it's practical sis. But my husband said he is going to cut the big spruce tree we got at the back and make it our Christmas tree this year. We shall see how this goes.

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