Friday, November 12, 2010

Blue, Red, and Pink

My fvorite color is red and John's is blue. Rylie is a grily girl so she love pink but Daddy has a big influence to both of them so they both love blue too.  Below are some of our colorful moments to share at Mommy Moment's theme this week.
the mommy journey
Thanks for visiting  friends and for leaving your thoughts here.  Will bloghop tomorrow.  I have to go to bed early tonight as daughter's classes resumes tomorrow.

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nuts said...

ay sis, hihi bagay na bagay sa kanya ang red. me angle siya pati na kamukhang kamukha mo... perfect blending :)

BastiSimonandSam said...

I lve your little girl! she's so adorable!

mjrodriguez said...

i especially liked the picture of your daughter in the kimono(?). she looks so colourful and pleasing!

happy mommy moments!

mona said...

wow cute lahat love red, blue and pink! cute ng mga kiddos mo =)

AnneYP said...

your kids are wonderful and very cute, always stay happy c:

Dhemz said...

very colorful naman dito...ehehehhe!

both hubby and I loves red color...parehas pala tau nang fave color badingding...yan din ang motif namin when we had our civil wedding...ehhehee!

a quick visit here sis...salamat sa walang sawang dalaw at comments...mwah!

♥peachkins♥ said...

super bagay sa baby mo ang red....and your son looks adorable!

Mel Alarilla said...

Your family's lives are very colorful indeed. Each member of your family may have their own individual favorite colors but the color of your whole family is a kaleidoscope of colors. Thanks for the colorful post. God bless you all always.

kimmy said...

oh! i think they wold look great i any color, lol!

Chris said...

its fun to have a colorful family! :D happy mommy moments!

Yami said...

Rylie is like a little princess in her blue dress. The little man there looks so gwapo, i like his brown eyes. :)

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