Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Soak Up the Sun and a Realization

Our kind neighbor gave the kids some toys for their sandbox last weekend. Instead of letting them play in the sandbox, we decided to go to Raccoon Creek so they can also swim if they want to. There were tons of people there swimming, soaking up the sun while summer is still here.
While a lot of people were sun bathing, I covered myself with the towel because it was so hot.
My husband and kids had so much fun building castle.
Team building here, go guys make Mama proud hehehe.

Of all the people there, this Mom caught my attention. She have a disabled daughter whom she take in the creek to swim. Whiloe I was watching her, tears came rolling in my cheeks. It made me realized a lot of things. Sometimes, I complain how hard it is to take care of my kids but seeing this Mom made me realized that my work for my two kids is nothing compared to her sacrifices for her daughter.

Believe it or not but right then and there, I prayed and thank God for what I have and ask forgiveness for the times that I complain about things. I also prayed for this Mom for God to continue bless her with strength and compassion to continue on with her life with her daughter

It's amazing how God sends message to everyone of us. Sometimes we think that our situation is incomparable to others but when we look around, we can say that we are still lucky compared to some with miserable lives.

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Carver said...

Looks like a beautiful day for family fun at the water. Good post.

Mommy Kharen said...

Kids enjoy the water and so as your big baby :).. It looks like a very happy day out.. I was so touched pertains to realization thing. It was true that no matter how hard a a day given to us, we were still blessed than to others and we must appreciate every bit of it. :)

Ate Rose grabbed your badge and added your link too at my Ultimate Opposite

Unknown said...

Parang natamaan ako dun bading ahh. tama ka diyan. tayovery normal mga anak natin and yet we still complain kasi pagod sa pag aalaga lalo na ako. kanina lang na spank kosi jake kasi sa sobrang kakulitan, tapos na guilty naman ako kasi nag leave ng marks, sobrang sensitive skin ni jake kasi.

Buti naman naka pag enjoy kayo sa raccoon creek bading. you guys needed that. kamirin we need more fun eheheh

Regina said...

Such a wonderful and fun moments.
Great post and thoughts.
Have wonderful weekend.

Jhari said...

Very well said mommy rose. Ako naman may mga reads na about special children lalo na sa SMA foundation ni Gwendolyn Strong. Super love na love ko 'tong batang 'to. Hindi ko sila kilala pero nakita ko yung development niya kahit may kapansanan. Sigh... we're truly blessed and no rights at all to complain. Alhamdulillah, Thanks be to God :)

Ebie said...

Great blue skies to be outdoors!

Everyone had fun!

Unknown said...

aray ko...ang sakit..ako yata yong complain ng complain ah!...oo nga dapat tumingin sa paligid bago mag complain..hehe

ganda ng bonding ng mag ama at ikay bat ka ba nag tatago dyan hahahaha

Unknown said...

Wah..they really have fun!!..everyday is fun day..

Mel Alarilla said...

What a wonderful message God has sent you through that mother and daughter at the creek. God has been touching your heart so that you can empathize with the sufferings of others. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

Grampy said...

Looks like everyone had fun. Your husband is a great castle builder. Usually the kids will get tired fast and go in the water. I use to do training in handicap awareness. One of the tings I always say is look how lucky you are.
Thank God. God Bless. And have a wonderful weekend.

Dhemz said...

napaluha naman ako dito sis...kakatouch yung mag too...I feel guilty sometimes....:(

hahhaha...bat kaya tayong mga pinoy d mahilig sa sunbathing....we always go under the tree or find a shade as much as we!

team building indeed....hhahaha...kakatuwa ka talaga sis....:)

san kau this 3day weekend?

anne said...

Oh my it made me realized to of Faith because I keep on depriving her to go to the mall with us, I mean she can go with us but that only seldom because she cant be still, she keep on roaming around and I am having a hard time chasing after her, wahhh those things are nothing when I saw that Mom over there in your picture. Waaahhh

Verna Luga said...

God put all things in a balance Rose, that woman is strong enough to take care of that disabled child, at kinailangang merong ganung mga tao din para magkaroon ng realizations and iba ... nagkataon ikaw yun ... di ba.. so kung wala yun siya dun sa lake na yun although you might have thought about it .. not as intense realization as seeing that woman with a disabled child .. ang lalim nun hahaha..... BTW, malayo ba kayo sa dagat .. nasa gitna kayo ng America?

Enjoy yung mga chikiting ... ..

Lulu Post said...

i know what you mean mami rose, kasi ako nga isa lang nagrereklamo ako once in a while... indeed we are blessed!

nuts said...

and I prayed and thank God how blessed we are.. team building talaga ha at ayaw mo maki-join at magpa-tan.. hmmm, pag uwi niyo Pinas, babad muna sa beach.. now lang ulit naka-hop hihi..

Azumi's Mom ★ said...

very well said. You're right. God has his own ways to send His message to us. My heart breaks also whenever I see disable kids, pero natotouch ako sa mga parents nila na always beside them. Thanks for sharing

lina@women's perspectives said...

We can learn from other people that we accidentally met, right?

Thanks for dropping by...

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