Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My Prince Charming

Rye Bear (Ms. Burrito) is not feeling well today, she is a little bit fevered so it  changed the plan we had for today.  We were suppose to go for a long walk in the park but she was hot when  she woke up this morning.  I gave her some medicine but stil feeling bad till now.  
 I took EJ for a bike ride around our neighborhood for 15-20 minutes to prevent him from being bored.  He is not allowed to use  electronics  so  all he could do is read, do stuff with us, and  practice his piano.
 He love to ride a bike so it was a perfect date for me and my  prince charming.
These photos were not taken today though.  This was  taken few weeks ago  when he first got his eye glasses.  It is apparent that I can't control their growth, they are  growing bigger and bigger each day.  

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Eliza Winters said...

That is such a great idea. My grandpa has lost most of his mobility and we just had a walk in bathtub installed for him. He has absolutely loved it. I think for him having independence, at least in that area, has really helped stave of his past depression.

Lainy said...

Hope he is feeling a lot better now, Rose. He looks soo handsome on his new spectacles. A certified heartthrob in the making ;-)

Rambling Woods said...

You have beautiful children. I am impressed that you can keep the electronic devices away. I worry about all the time spent on them...Michelle

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