Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bedtime Habits

Hubby always goes to bed early. As an addict blogger, I always stay up late because that is when I can do blogging without interruption lol. Just like now, it is 11:36 and I am still up trying to write my entry to Couple's Corner hehehe.

John can never go to bed without taking a hot shower, that is his night time regimen. Sometimes I take hot shower before going to bed but most of the time, I do that after cooking which is noontime or late afternoon.

John love to lay on his side facing right and he sleeps on the right side of the bed. If I go on the bed early with him, he faces left to hug me. But since I am always late, I am the one wrapping my arms around him when I go to bed lol.

Sometimes when he is very tired, he snores and I always let him know through scratching his feet. I can't sleep whenever he snores because I am a light sleeper and just a little noise would wake me up. Not to mention when the two burritos would transfer in our bed in the middle of the night because they have a bad dream. In that case, I always end up transferring to the other bed because they move too much lol.

I am so sleepy now so I will just edit this post tomorrow. If you see some grammatical error (which always the case lol) please feel free to tell me. Good night guys, I will bloghop for this tomorrow.

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Mommy Liz said...

Hahaha! pareho tayong lumilipat kapag may sumingit na intruder sa bed. si Wrozlie laging lumilipat s amin, tuloy ako ang nalipat sa couch or sa kama ni Wrozlie, kasi nahuhulog ako. Ang likot pa naman nun matulog, tapos si Rodney ang laki ng sakop sa bed.

Nakalimutan ko palang sabihing si Rodney eh naliligo rin every night. Hehehe, kapg nag i snore asawa ko, pinipisil ko ang ilong, mahihinto naman, ahahaha!

Lulu said...

napadaan lang

Rossel said...

hmmm...parang wala naman akong nakitang error tokaya, ehehe.

hahaha, pareho talaga tayo. sa amin ako din ang pinakalate matulog e dahil sa blogging at blog hopping. ang lamang ko lang siguro e kapag lumilipat si rj sa gitna namin dahil may bad dream e si rhonnel ang lumilipat sa bed ni rj.

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Mom’s Ups and Downs

Dhemz said...

hhahaha....sino ba naman ang d ma fall asleep...eh and dami mo kayang opps....:)

bongga ka talaga sis...galante talaga ang PU2 at binigyan ka ng 20 tasks...wohooo! alleluia...hehehe!

buti nga at na accept na yung isa kung blog sis kasi ala na talaga akong opps....ala na laman ang paypal ko...huhuhu....lol!

hahhaha...parehas tau sis...ako din late na matulog...kaya ako nalang mag hahug...hubby snores too....waaaa....:)

Mel Alarilla said...

People have their own individual peculiar habit, lol. Like John, I also want to sleep at the right side of the bed because I feel nauseated if I sleep on the left side. Probably I have a case of claustrophobia since I feel that I can't breathe if someone is hemming me in on the left side of the bed, lol. And just like John I snore too, hehehe, lol. My wife always reminded me of that but I guessed she already got used to it. Now my little girl who sleeps near me also says that I snore during sleep. I do my blogging work in the wee hours of the morning from 3:00 am to around 7:00 am because that's the only time I can have our lone computer all by myself, lol. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

eds said...

heres pala my entry >> http://mydigihome.info/2010/03/couples-cornerbedtime-habits/

eds said...

aha buti na lang wala pa kaming intruder ni habibi.. hot shower everynight? kahit malamig.. hehehe naku di ako pwede jan.. kung sa pinas yan kahit more than 3 times maliligo ako.. pero pag malamig kahit gusto ng isip ko ayaw nman ng katawan ko hehehe..

Clarissa said...

Masarap talagang maligo sa gabi para mas relaxing di bah?Nakikisiksik pa rin ba sila?Sinong nahuhulog ng madalas sa kama?lol!

AC said...

haha!!! kame eh bumili ng kin size na bed.. kase nung naka double lang kame, nahuhulog si alyssa.. hahaha!!! we want her to sleep with us for as long as she wants.. sabi nga ni hubby.. sana kahit college na, tatabi pairn samin.. hahaha!!!

at korek ka dyan, ate eds... katamad kaya maligo! haha!!! pero ako, mostly gabi din.. every other night nga lang.. wahahaha!!!

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