Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Birthday EJ

Last week was a pretty busy week for me from trying to finish putting things in order, cleaning, and grocery shopping in preparation for EJ's birthday party. We didn't invite many people just close friends and family.

The highlight of it was a friend blogger, Shy of Milestones came over all the way from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania to Weirton, West Virginia. Thanks a lot Bakla for coming over, it's a great pleasure to have you guys in our humble abode. I hope that you have a great time.

Here's Rylie with Jake (Shy's son).

Raquel and Shy in the kitchen, thanks guys for the help!

A picture taken by Rylie.

The MEN, Bob, Tom (Raquel's husband), hubby, and Joe (Shy's husband). It is so good to have a gathering once in a while because you get to talk to friends. The men had a good time talking with each other about things, family, business, and other stuff and such. The ladies had a great time talking about stuff and in their own lingo so the guys don't have any idea what they were talking about hahaha.

My husband turned on the Filipino chan nel (TFC) on TV and the kids had so fun dancing. Shy's son, Jake is a very good dancer.

Jake and I had so much fun. He was smiling in front of the camera all the time.

Joops with his sweetheart and ninang Raquel

Jen and the ladies Shelby, Lexie, and Jessie. Thanks a lot guys for coming over.

Rquel, Shy, and Jen's daughter, Gracie.

Chris, Jen, Jim, Hailey, Bob and hubby.

The kids were into the playing mood after eating so I took them downstairs so they could play freely without disturbing the chit chat of the adults.

Cake and Ice cream time..

The lovely mom and daughter, Shy and Justine.

Shelby and Champ relaxing on the couch.

After most of the guests were gone, my SIL Chris, Raquel and I took some pictures in the living room.

So there it is my little man's 3rd birthday celebration! 

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Marice said...

wow looks like a fun celebration! happy bday to EJ!

Maus said...

love the pictures and celebrations....parang umatend na din ako hehe

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

Happy Birthday to EJ at aba talaga naman! may special guest pa, ang layo ng narating ng mag-anak na taga-PA :D

Lulu said...

yong "simple abode" mo di masyadong simple... in fact bonggacious sya!

happy bday ej!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday EJ! Your adult guests had a fun celebration too :)

R. said...

That's a lot of food there! Hahaha.

Charlotte's Mom said...

Happy birthday to EJ...cute cute talaga ni rylie sis...thanks for dropping by at my baby blog:-)

Paula said...

My son's party is in two days! I'm so nervous na rin. hehe

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anne said...

wow reunion pala blogger dito? hehehe happy birthday to EJ!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Happy Birthday!

It looked like a wonderful way to celebrate!

Blessings & Aloha!
(Oh...the weekend goes by soooo fast! It's work again, so will hopefully stop by next weekend to catch up on some of your past posts!)

Mommy Liz said...

Ang saya naman ng party nyo ah, bakit walang invitation na dumating dito sa Alabama? Hahaha.. Happy Belated Birthday EJ..

January Zelene said...

Looks like a very fun fun party.. Happy Birthday EJ!

Unknown said...

Tama si mamilu tsang hindi simple abode kundi bongacious abode. I love your house as in, pwedi mag apply katulong hehehehe.

Bait ni Rye at EJ talaga mana sa ina at ama. Thanks again for inviting us bading, it was a great pleasure for us guys to be there and met the family and friends.

Unknown said...

looks like a great party!

JonaBQ said...

looks like kids and grown ups had fun with all the food and toys :D birthday boy looks happy!

rjs mama said...

happy birthday to EJ! ang saya naman ng party :)

joei ♥ said...


thanks for dropping by my blog. i added you up to my links as well so i can visit you more often. is linking you as chubskulit ok? or just chubs? :)


Cecile said...

i agree, bonnga ang house mo sa pix pa lang, Rose :-) at ang saya saya nga lahat...great bgay and pix, too!

special guest pa sila Tsang Shy eh...glad you all had fun!

Ebie said...

Belated happy birthday na ni EJ! Hehehe, pancit for long life is always on the table!

Bilis naman naayos ug bahay mo Rose.

Kero said...

a very happy birthday to your lovely, EJ! may she grow up to be a fine young lady :)

Paula said...

I changed my template then I forgot to put my widget up. huhu I've already written them I hope they restore it.

Hazel said...

Happy birthday to EJ. Having fellow bloggers around a special day must be lots of fun. Oh I'm sure it was. Your photos testify :)

nuts said...

ang ganda ni rylie in the first photo.. wow, enjoy tlaga lahat, dami ng food..sarap at me bonding time with friends kahit malayo nakarating talaga. happy birthday to EJ..!!!

Seiko said...

Just came from Shy's blog and eto nakita ko na ang mga photo :D Napakasaya naman ninyo Mare. I had fun watching the photos. Happy Happy Birthday to your handsome son EJ. cute2x.

God Bless you and your family! hugs!

Mel Alarilla said...

Wow, napakaganda naman nang birthday celebration ni EJ. Nagkasama sama ang close relatives and friends ninyo. Nakakatabang puso na binisita rin kayo ni Shy at ang buong pamilya niya all the way from Pittsburg. Binalik din lang niya sa inyo yung una mong pag bisita sa kanila. Natutuwa naman ako na sa pagiging close blogging friends ninyo ay naging close personal friends na ang mga pamilya ninyo pati na ang mga hubbies ninyo, lol. Mas mahirap mapagsama sama ang mga boys kaysa inyong mga girls. At least you all have something in common being Filipinas, lol. Nakakatuwa na si Jake pala ay magaling sumayaw. Siguro magaling sumayaw din si Shy, ayaw lang magpahalata ni b----(toot, toot), hehehe, lol. Shy nagbibiro lang, lol. I hope and pray for the very best for all of you and although I was not there in one of the happiest moments of your lives, I am one with you all in spirit. Sayang hindi nyo kasama si Dhemz at ang pamilya niya. Nasa Pinas na yata sila ngayon at nageenjoy nang husto sa bakasyon grande nila, lol. Maraming maraming salamat Rose sa pagpi feature mo nang mga exciting photos at post na ito. God bless you all and your respective families.

Carletta said...

Looks like a fun birthday party!
Happy Belated Birthday to EJ!

eden said...

Wow, what a celebration of EJ's birthday. Ang daming pagkain nakakagutom.. mayron pa bang natira Rose?..hehehe

Belated Happy Birthday dear EJ. We love you and God bless always to you and to your mum, dad and sister Ry..

ruby said...

Happy Birthday to Ej! na huli na yata ako,, andaming foods nakaka gutom!

Clarissa said...

Belated Happy Birthday to EJ!!How envious!!Sana nandyan ako at para makikain na rin!!^_^Best wishes to EJ!!

SASSY MOM said...

Happy Birthday to dear EJ! That looks like fun, I can see that there's plenty of food.

It's nice to bond with fellow bloggers.

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Unknown said...

waaaa... ang daya...di ako inimbita..pwede naman akong mag sa Darna waaaa...hahahaha

Ang saya pala ng bday ni EJ Rose. nag chat kami ni Tsang Shy, super duper mabait family daw kayo...ang swerte mo, ang bait ng asawa mo, kaya no wonder, mababait din mga anak mo at pati na rin siguro si Champ hehehe


kathy said...

Wow! Ang saya-saya naman ng birthday party ni EJ! Nakapunta pa si Shy! Doble ang saya! hehehhe


Cacai M. said...

oi surely that was a fun birthday Manang.. si Tsang at ang family nagka-bond.. cool! nice photos...

Cacai M.'s Place
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anney said...

Belated Hapy Birthday EJ! Super saya nyo naman dyan kahit konti lang bisita!

Unknown said...

happy birthday little boy :-)
More to come..

i hope you can visit my PBW post too...

Yami said...

Belated Happy Birthday to Ej! big boy na sis ha.

ang saya naman ng gathering at nagkikita kayo ng mga blogging friends. even your respective husbands bond as well. :)

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