Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

Our Halloween this year went okay, Our little butterfly had a blast trick or treating. EJ did not want to wear any costume and he did not like walking either so he had to ride the stroller.
This lady butterfly wants to thank you for making her win the Smile Contest!
On the street going to our first stop.
She is determined to get a full bag of candy lol.
Here's Dad to get the stroller at the trunk of the car.
Here's our lazy butt son hehehe.
@ the commisary, we were the first one yipppeee..
Here are Korean kids...

We came to this house because their porch light was on but nobody came out hehehe. The rule was, if you are going to hand out treats, you have to turn your porch light on.
Most of the trick or treaters are Korean kids.

@ the Library..

@ the gymnasium

With Tita Mindy or Ms. Kim
@ one of my husband's co-worker, friend of the family.
I like this guys costume... and there goes the white lady.

Go get'em Rye!
Some residents gave their treats at the side of the street.

This house just leave their treats outside, you just have to get some when you come. I call this "grab 'n run"

We went to the gate to fetch my former student Amy.

Rylie was diligently working to get more candy.
and more treaters..
I tried to just capture the light of these jack-o-lanterns but I failed.

This dog was dressed up for the occasion too.
I find him very cute, a little firefighter..

Amy gave Rylie a treat too. It's a battery powered dog. I also got a present. Kamsahamnida Amy!

It's time for Mommy to have at least one photo hahaha.

We ate pizza at Duffy's after the trick or treat.. Rylie met a new friend, she's half Filipina too.

the view outside duffy's..
Now, it's time to make an inventory of what Ate Rylie got.
EJ was very interested with the doggie.

Hope you guys had a wonderful one too. We're down to 28 days before our flight, I am stressed out now. Have a good week ahead.

26 travelers' comments:

Anya said...

lovely costums :)))))))

ChrisAu said...

LOL...I would say Rylie is cute rather than scary on the costume. Nice!!! :)

Ciela said...

She's a very attractive butterfly. Ang cute ni Rylie! I'm sure that trick or treat thing was a blast for her.

Wengss said...

Rose congrats nanalo pala dalagita mo sa smile contest? pang ilang place siya? di ko nasundan kasi I was busy.
congrats again!

Wengss said...

Rose congrats nanalo pala dalagita mo sa smile contest? pang ilang place siya? di ko nasundan kasi I was busy.
congrats again!

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Wow, what could I say. It's really fantastic the way Rylie have worked hard in her trick or treat grind. And she gathered so much blessings especially the battery operated toy doggie. It is wonderful that Koreans also celebrate Halloween just like they do in the US and other western countries. Too bad EJ had a bad mood and did not wear his costume. You are counting each day when you will finally move on to your home sweet home in Virginia, USA. Maraming salamat sa
napakagagandang mga photos. They are really worth treasuring for the future. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

Lulu said...

love her outfit! bakit di naka costume si ej?

eden said...

so cute ni Rylie sa kanyang outfit and she had a blast trick and treating indeed. kahit nasa stroller si Ej at least he went out with his Ate to see the fun..

wowwie, ang daming chocolates.. pahenge naman ..jejeje

JENIE=) said...

Here passing by to let you know that you a friend in here ;)
hope u visit my other blogs too
earthy me

iceah said...

Yehey! we are so happy for you little butterfly c: You look lovely that is why you won and a lot of people loves you c: keep flashing your gorgeous smile honey c:

Happy Halloween mare sorry ngayon lang ulit nakabisita ikukuwento ka nalang sayo kung bakit kung makachat tayo c:

MJ said...

Wow! ang dami palang nag-ceb nang halloween dyan..dito kaso hindi pa masyado...mostly sa school lang ...
Thankz for sharing.

And congratulation sa winnings nya she deserve it....

Have a good day!

anne said...

hahaha Nag enjoy din ako following the trace of ure little one girl thanks for leavinga comment in my blog, really appreciate it

JTG (Misalyn) said...

What a lovely lady butterfly!

Nag enjoy talaga si Rylie. Congrats pala sa kanya, ganda naman talaga ng smile nya.

Nasa UAE pa rin ako Ms. Rose, most of the time online meeting lang kaming mga officers at ang mga Manila based officers and members ang pumupunta sa mga operations ng Pinoy Forumers Society. Ate Lolit will attend the Relief Operatipn Part 2 on Nov.7.

nuts said...

congrats to your princess with the sweetest smile.. mwaah..

also to your PR here.. yeah.. love you Mr. G.. :)

the kids are super cute with their halloween costume... i love how they were being amazed by all those candies they got..hahaha.

Seiko said...

Ang cute cute naman!Buti pa dyan may halloween costume party dito kasi wala eh.I enjoyed looking @ these photos.
Btw,Congrats to Rylie!So happy she made it to win the contest.Rylie deserved it!Hugs & kisses Rylie,syempre kay EJ din!:D

Seiko said...

Congratulation Rylie!

Chris said...

she is so pretty! :D her costume suits her...

by the way, you might want to join my giveaway :)

Cecile said...

her costume fits her pretty face :-); happy hallowwen, ry!

Inday said...

Our children grow ... up and so quickly...some of them wants to be adult in a hurry...

It's good to see you making the most of your time giving your all to the best of your ability to enjoy and having fun with yours.

This is a timeless piece of my mind.

Happy Mothering!

Your little angel's beautiful smile is worth the votes she needs to be on top.


Mommy Liz said...

Great photos Rose..I did like the grab and run though. Hahaha! We didn't go trick or treating this year since we went to a party. but the kids had a blast kaya ok lang..

Clarissa said...

That was fun lalo na yung grab 'n run!!I would like my kids to experience halloween--di kasi uso ang halloween dito eh.

Dhemz said...

oh my...sensya na sis...huling huli ako sa pila...hahahhaa....

my gosh.....cute ng costume ni EJ, d nag participate....was he not in the mood to wear his costume and walk? lol....sayang yung padala ni tita....ehhehe!

buti may share sa!

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Your children are just beautiful and so are you! Thanks for visiting my blog and signing on as a follower! I've just done the same...have a great day!

Azumi's Mom ★ said...

so enjoyed the photos.. ang saya saya naman ng trick or treat nyo. Dito kasi di uso although may mga halloween events din. Kaya we spent our halloween at sanrio

my pb entry

Unknown said...

Of course nag iinjoy nanaman ako sa magagandang pictures mo dito bakla ang dami.

Ang cute ni Rye sa coctume na parang dalagang maliit hehehehe. Bakit si EJ hindi nakaka costume? hehehe nakishare ang EJ sa candy ng sissy hehehe.

Reesie said...

wow, halloween is indeed children's haven. :D ang saya talaga ng halloween. it feels like christmas in the philippines. :D

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