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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Traveling with Tweens in Mountain State West Virginia

Traveling has been one of those things that my family really enjoy doing whenever we can.  We started  taking our children to  long trips ever since they were way little.  Our son's first  long trip was overseas when he was  only a year old.  We were worried that  he was gonna be uncomfortable and cry but we were surprised that both of them really traveled well.  I think to have his sister who is also a well-traveled  kid was a big advantage because hoe had someone to play with while we are waiting for our flight or even inside the plane.  We never had any issue with them with plane ride and they are also great with long trips on the road.  
The photos  on this  post were taken during our  road trip downstate.  My husband would laugh at me with questions like "How come we are going downstate but then we are going up?"  Then the explanation follows lol.  I love to travel but I am not good  with geographical stuff.  I don't even like looking at maps, ha!  
 The key to having a smooth and enjoyable road trip with tweens lies on the snacks you bring, music you play while on the road, and the conversation that you put out there with your children.   
Luckily for us, our children are both nature lovers so seeing mountains and trees and stuff like that does not bore them.  We try to make our trips as educational as possible.  Before going to a place, hubby and I does a little research that way we can tell our children what we can see along the way.
We are also lucky that  our taste of music  are all similar.  We love country, pop, and  soft rock.  We bring CDs of the songs that we love to listen to  because some of the music on the radio are  sometimes mix and we  don't like  changing stations especially when we are losing signal.

The most important thing is the  snacks.  It is  very important that we  pack on some water and  fresh fruits and other healthy snacks  that we can all  munch on while on the road.  This way, we  avoid  hitting the  food chains and eating unhealthy stuff.  I usually have  trail mix because it fills you up even with small amount of it.
I am showing the  mountain side of  West Virginia as we drove downstate. (down-state, yah know what I mean, that's why I asked idiotic questions like why it is called that way when we are actually going up.  Don't mind me, I just want to  share some giggles).

Not sure why I took a picture of this but I guess the sign makes  a lot of sense.  You don't want to make a wrong  turn on this place.. just kidding folks.

I wish we have a whole week to  do a road trip because one day is not enough to fully explore a place, certainly not the place we visited because it is a long drive.

At the end of the day, this is what matters.  When you see the  children's faces  arriving at the beautiful scenery, all the hassles and  fatigue in driving is worth it.
Jumping for joy that we finally arrive and that we will be  doing a boat ride.  Water rides are relaxing.
More adventures coming up in the next post.  You can check out how beautiful the New River Gorge is.

5 travelers' comments:

Mitchelle said...

It is great to expose kids to nature and do family activities very close to nature. This is one great way to inculcate in them the love for nature without them knowing it.

Alli Smith said...

What beautiful scenery! I think it's important to start traveling with kids when they are young and road trips are always fun. Looks like a good time was had by all.

Candysfarmhousepantry said...

This is one state we haven't visited but it looks beautiful. Love getting outside and seeing what mother nature has to offer. Great snacks are always needed no matter how far we travel.

Masshole Mommy said...

That sounds like such a great place to visit with the family. My boys would surely love it there!

Paula Schuck said...

Oh we have done so many road trips this summer. And we typically do a few in the winter months too now. Love the idea and my kids are used to them. We started young. Road trips can be simple if you are prepared. Mine are teens now so they help navigate sometimes and they really enjoy getting to the destination.

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