Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Entering Madison Wisconsin

We got to see a little bit of Wisconsin when we had our family road trip last year.  We had to stop since driving to South Dakota was super long so we stayed at a hotel in Madison and get to explore the city a little bit. 
Entering the city of Madison was exciting for me, we have never been to this part of the US so it gave us the chance to see a glimpse of it.
My favorite part about going on a roadtrip is seeing the farm land, it's relaxing to me.  I know it isn't fair to my husband be3cause he does all the driving but I am grateful for the opportunity.  
It's fascinating to me to see farms leading to a big city.  I am glad that farming is still alive in the US.  I have huge respect for farmers.  My father was a farmer and I grew up in a farmer.  The work farmers do is hard day in and day out.  I think that farmers deserve more appreciation from us, they do so much for I feel like less money that they deserve.  
Back home, farmers doesn't really have this kind of watering system.  From my experience, my father would make a canal from the river to lead the water to our ricefield. Over here, farmers have it easier since they have all these heavy and advanced equipment to use in the farm.  It's so neat to see, it makes me think of how much it would have been easier for my dad if we had these things.
Anyway, every time we pass through farmland, I always wish that we own one.  I know it's a lot of work but I kind of miss the lifestyle that we had growing up. It's funny coz when I was younger, I didn't like it at all (lol) but now I want to experience it again.
Madison Wisconsin is beautiful.  I wish we could have explored more but maybe there will be next time.
For the few hours that we had in Madison, we used it to see some parks.  I think we went to a couple of parks and then we went to the city capitol.  

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