Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Bought Your Own Place? Tips For Preventing Damage To Your New Home

If you’ve just become a proud homeowner for the first time, the thought of something damaging happening to your home is already making you panic. You’ve just bought the house and you’re about to make it the best place anyone has ever lived - you don’t want to imagine being flooded out or the walls breaking down or old wiring starting a fire! 

But as long as you’re careful and know how to prevent the most common kinds of home damage, you won’t have to deal with events like these for a long time to come, no matter the age of your home

Know Where Your Piping Lives

If you know where your plumbing pipes ‘live’, you’ll be able to service it with little trouble. You won’t be frantically running through the house trying to find where the burst section is,or even where a leak is coming from. You’ll be able to move calmly to the cupboard under the sink or the floorboard in the upstairs hallway and locate the source of the problem immediately. The quicker you are, the less damage will be done, and that’s key with water issues!

Keep Furniture Away From the Walls

We don’t quite know it, but even just flopping down on a seat at the end of the day can shove the entire unit against the wall, and who knows what damage that’ll cause in the long term? Ultimately that means if your furniture is too close to the walls, you’re going to be making cracks and chips and scuff marks without even realizing it. So try to make sure you’re not pushing the sofas or the sideboard too tightly against the surface - you’ll need to call out a Drywall Repair sooner rather than later if you do! 

Watch Out for Uneven Floors

Uneven floors are trip hazards, to say the least. Indeed, they’re also chances for chips and slashes in your floorboards, as well as pet dander collection areas, or even pest homes for bugs and other horrible things that can make their way into our homes. So go over any and all floors before you move all your furniture in. Any dips? You may want to plaster them up for better longevity after you move in. 

Have Spare Paint on Hand

A bit of spare paint can save the entire look of a home. A badly glossed doorway? You’ve already got the fresh paint in hand! A poorly sanded skirting board? Paint it away with a darker color that blends in with the rest of the room, especially the wallpaper above. A bit of paint can act as both a temporary and a permanent fix, so always keep a few tins in the shed or the attic just in case you need to improve the look of a room ASAP.

Buying your own home is high stakes, so let’s look after your new place! Look out for damage in areas like these at least once a month. 

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