Thursday, September 8, 2022

Passing Chicago Area

As we leave the little town of River Grove, we continue our trip passing through the metropolitan area in Chicago.  

Airplane on flight, beautiful skies, I can't help but to take pictures of them.
I actually enjoyed driving through Chicago.  I love how they have an abundance of street lights.
We've never really explore Chicago for vacation in the past so I can't say much about the place but judging from what I've seen during our drive, it looks like a nice place.  Better than what I have imagined it to be based from the news I've seen.
Looks like Chicago has some major businesses going.
They were getting ready for the 4th of July so there's men putting every bridge.
I am sure Chicago is a lot more beautiful when you explore the whole place.  As they are  famously known as the Midwest's hub, I would like to see their well-known  magnificent skyline.   It would be great to explore the  kilometers of sandy beaches and beautiful parks.

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