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Class Rings - Are They Worth the Money?

While collegiate class rings may not be worth the money, students may be tempted by the excitement of graduating. However, class rings from Jostens are simply a tradition, not a necessity.

Class rings are a portfolio of your school life.

A class ring represents your school life by reliving your past, preserving the memories, and celebrating accomplishments. High school rings feature icons representing favorite subjects, activities, and accomplishments. For example, a ring commemorating a Varsity sport can be engraved with a player's picture. Likewise, a National Honor Society ring can contain the student's designation. Class rings can represent any part of your school life and include a photograph.

In some high schools, a formal graduation ceremony is held to award class rings to the class. Alumni hand them out to students at this time, and family and friends gather to celebrate the achievement. The ring represents a student's accomplishments, giving them confidence and encouragement. Most people wear their class ring with the symbol facing outward, making it easier to read the school's name.

They are an excellent way to celebrate your different accomplishments.

A college ring is a perfect way to commemorate your various achievements in college. You can personalize your college ring by engraving lettering, images, and numbering. The lettering can be in all capital letters, elegant cursive, or a school signet. You can also engrave the year, with roman numerals being a popular choice. Customization options can help you celebrate your different accomplishments even more.

If you have friends and family still at your school, consider purchasing a ring featuring their name and the year you graduated. It would be especially meaningful if you graduated in the last five years. These rings are the perfect way to commemorate your various achievements, as they can also be worn as necklaces. If you do not want to purchase a ring for each of your friends, consider choosing a pendant instead.

They are expensive

Although you may not think class rings are very expensive, they are a great way to commemorate your school days and celebrate the end of your college career. Class rings are crafted from precious metals such as yellow gold, rose gold, and sterling silver. These materials ensure that the rings last for years, and the price tag reflects this. Class rings are important keepsakes you can keep for life or sell for money. However, many people can't afford to spend hundreds of dollars on one of these rings. There are many ways to save money on these valuable gifts, though.

First of all, consider your budget. College rings can be expensive, and buying one for your daughter can be a great way to pay for her education. A ring made of sterling silver will cost you around $100. A more affordable option is to buy a used one. College rings can also be customized to reflect the traditions of your school or college. You can even select icons that represent the academic aspect of your life. The price is a factor, but it is well worth the memories you will make with your class ring.

They are a tradition.

Buying class rings is a tradition that most students are eager to continue. While college classes once had to settle for class rings designed by the school's art department, today's college rings are much more personalized and customizable than ever. In addition to the traditional metal ring, students can customize their rings with engravings and photos. Purchasing class rings now may not seem like the most practical use of your money, but it's a great way to celebrate your achievements and show off your school spirit!

They are a memento of your high school or college years.

While the term "class ring" may conjure up images of low-carat signet rings, these jewelry pieces aren't necessarily scams. While these items can feature a school's crest, graduation year, and artwork, they're just plain signet rings. In addition, the school gets a cut of the sale, which means the school gets a commission.

Class rings are often made of sterling silver, gold, or platinum. Choosing quality metal ensures that your ring will last for a lifetime. It won't fall apart, change colors or turn your fingers an unrecognizable color. If you wear it often, a class ring is a great investment. 

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