Monday, December 6, 2021

Fernwood Shooting Range in Ohio

Our plan of going back to shooting range in Fernwood Ohio did not materialize since both hubby and I got sick with Covid.  Hopefully though we could go back there again sometime in Spring or Summer next year.  These photos were taken earlier this year when we took our kids  to practice shooting.  It's been a while since we did it so we had to refresh our know how in safety handling a gun for protection.


With crazy things happening in this world everyday, it doesn't hurt to properly know how to use a gun to protect yourself just in case that time comes.  Our son used to get scared but now that he's older he understand the need to learn.  I'm glad my husband is a military veteran, he taught me and the kids how to shoot different guns.  I still need a lot of practice to improve my aim but hopefully, I don't ever encounter a situation where I need to shoot someone.  Like I said, it is important to properly educate yourself,  especially the kids, the proper way of using a weapon for protection.

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