Thursday, April 2, 2020

Travel Plan Cancelled Due to #CoronaVirus: Things we can do At Home

Our plan for this year has been cancelled.  It’s a hard decision  but it’s for the best.  This world pandemic is taking a toll in all of us worldwide.  2020 is suppose to be an exciting year for us since we will finally visit the Philippines after 11 years but now it’s down the drain.   My Mom who has been waiting for this moment will be very disappointed ☹️ but there’s nothing we can do but to stay home.

  The kids have been doing cyber classes for three weeks now and I have to say, I kind of like it that they are home all the time.  Even my husband gets to work from home.  He goes to work from time to time which I worried constantly but other than that, we are surviving this Nobel Corona Virus 🦠 pandemic.   

Just like the rest of the world,  West Virginia is also doing home quarantine and observing social distancing.   We do however make sure that we stay active and eat healthy despite the quarantine situation.  Here are the things we do to keep busy while staying safe.
  • Play Tennis - Although we are doing home quarantine, we can still do fun outdoor activities.  We just Need to find a place that isn’t frequently visited by a crowd.   We played at our local Starvaggi tennis court before it eventually locked up but we still have another option, we go to Marland Heights tennis  cour and play.  Being out for a short period of time is good for us physically especially when the sun is out.   Sunshine vitamin is very important.

  •  Family Walks - I would say that walking is a very safe thing to do these days because everyone is staying home and you will hardly encounter people outdoors.  There are occasionally runners 🏃 but you can always do the social distancing.  our neighborhood is pretty much safe to walk so we do it regularly with our kids.

  •  Eating Healthy - I am a work-at-home-mom so we always eat home cooked meals.  I make sure that what we put on our body is something that will help us keep healthy and strong.

  •  Photography - I’m not a professional photographer but I love taking photos.  Thanks to my husband for providing me the materials I need to enjoy this hubby.   I am taking this unfortunate times into an opportunity to put and capture the Spring time.   I get very conscious taking photos when there are so many people around but this time, I can freely do it with no worries.   I went on a a walk yesterday and brought my DSLR camera and took some photos.  I can’t download them yet since my phone is getting full but I can still use the photos I took with my iPhone.   I would love to have a new desktop 🖥 computer to use for my blogging, it’s easier.

  •  Baking as Bonding Moment - my daughter and husband has been doing some bonding by baking goodies in our kitchen.  This pandemic is really giving us an opportunity to do things that otherwise harder with normal schedule before Corona Virus erupted.  I’m glad that we could turn this tough time into something memorable, sweet memories that we could happily look back to in the future.

  • Cleaning, Washing Hands, and More Cleaning - we have been keeping our home  clean and ourselves as well.  Luckily, we still have a stock of hand sanitizers that we can carry on our purse when we go out to get groceries and gas. This worldwide pandemic is turning people into chaos and  a lot of people are panic buying which we didn't do.  I don't understand why  they have to buy a truck load of toilet paper or buy all the  sanitizers in the store.  Before the panic buying started, we thought it was only happening in some country but we were late to realized that even in the US, people are panic buying as well, ugh.

  • Playing with Our Pets - our dogs are loving the extra attention that they are getting from our kids.  They get to do their  classes at home and also have extra time for the pets since they don't have to leave home.

  • Watching Home Videos - We watched  the videos that we filmed when our kids were little and it brought us  tears of joy and lots of laughter. Seeing how they were when they were little gave them the appreciation of how both hubby and I are dedicated to them ever since they were born. My daughter has been very vocal with her love for us ever since we watched the videos.  She's been a big help around the house and also helping his brother with his cyber work.

  • Family Time at Home  - Aside from watching  mass on TV on Sundays, watching movies together in our family room, we always sit together in our hangout room (which is our master bedroom) and talked to the kids.  Our dogs  are always there too participating in the discussion lol.

I am an introvert so staying at home isn't hard but just normal to me.  I love the fact that I can be with my kids and husband 24/7 during this tough times.    I feel bad for extrovert people, this might be so hard for them to go through. I do hope and pray that this will end soon so everybody can get back to their normal lives.  This too shall pass, we need to pray for those who are very badly affected. 

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