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Eight Top Ways To Decide Your Next Family Vacation!

Are you finding it hard to decide on your next family vacation it’s a pain, isn't it? Especially when you have younger kids and older kids. Trying to find the right destination that suits people of all ages can be a difficult thing to do, and while there are plenty of conversations to be had, you also need to know where to be inspired. Your kids are going to help you to determine where you can vacation. For example, there’s no chance of an adults-only resort where there are white-sugar beaches, is there? Instead, you have to balance not having an adult place to go with not heading to Disneyland for the nineteenth time. 

Instead, you need new places to decide on. This means research, and the good thing is that there are plenty of things to look at that can help you to shortlist your next family vacation location. Are you feeling adventurous? Do you want a beach holiday? Are you up for camping in the wilderness? Either way, you need to decide on the vacation that your family will benefit from, and in the mean time you can read more camping tips here to decide whether you can really camp with toddlers! With all of this in mind, you need some clarity on where you can get some advice about the best vacation for your family and luckily for you, we have a bunch of suggestions that you’re going to benefit from! Let’s take a look:

Head To Social Media

Your friends are going to be invaluable to you at this time. You're connected to a bunch of worldly wise people and whether they go near or far, they’re going to have some inspiration for you in their photos online. Most people love the reviews of people they can trust when it comes to going to new places, and vacation places are no different. Not only can you get the best Airbnb recommendations, you may discover a totally new location you’ve never even heard of. Bonus points for those who have traveled with families, too!

Check Out UNESCO World Heritage Sites

We are blessed to live on a planet that earmarks special locations as being precious enough to preserve. From national parks to beaches, you can find plenty of untouched places in the world that will satisfy everyone in the family. Beach vacations have their positives as well as city vacations, and you can find them on the UNESCO website. There are places like Mostar in Bosnia that you may not have considered. How about Kinabalu Park? There are things to see that you wouldn’t get to when you’re close to home.

Check Your Local Newspapers

There are newspaper articles on travel and local things to see and do every single week. The thing you need to do most right now is actually buy the local paper and see for yourself! There are often reviews on the local camp sites, information about group tours of local towns and cities and, if you’re lucky, coupons and discount codes to go with them.

Take TV Inspiration

How many times have you watched Beaches and wanted to head to the beach there? What about FRIENDS? NYC has never looked more beautiful than with the wide lens shots of the city during the episodes of friends. Take your inspiration from your favorite shows and you can find a whole host of cities and countries to inspire you. There are whole channels dedicated to travel, and you can be on them today and booking your holiday tomorrow. You should see the way David Attenborough talks about the penguins and the kangaroos, and then pack up the kids and go in search of kangaroo parks that will let you stroke and feed them. There’s a whole world out there for you discover, and the TV can help!

Visit Far-Flung Friends

Do you have friends hunkered down in New Zealand? What about sitting pretty in London? If you are lucky, you’ll have friends and family who took advantage of globalization and have settled elsewhere than your home town. Make it a part of your plan to go and visit them, taking into consideration their locations and what’s surrounding them. They’ll be able to be your unofficial tour guides and keep you company during your visit, too. You can get a full experience of a new place when you know the local faces in the area.

Get School-Inspired

Do you remember the days of sitting in lessons and learning about new countries in Geography lessons? If your children are in school right now, ask them where they would be interested in going for the next family vacation. There is every chance that they will have seen some beautiful places come across their desks and they can help. You can make lists of places to go, from Spain to Andalusia, and allowing your kids the chance to give you some help gets them involved in the process.

Visit Travel Agencies

The role of the travel agent may be dying out in the face of the internet, but that doesn't mean that there aren't still knowledgeable travel agencies that can’t help you. Planning a huge family vacation isn’t easy, but with their help you can get your itinerary in order and go! You can figure out what your dream vacation is with their help.

Grill Your Friends

Other than the photos on social media, you are likely to have friends who have visited the places you’ve been desperate to see. So, ask them! Grill them about everything to do with the places you want to see, and get their insider knowledge. You need to choose places that will fit the entire family and they will have been there and can tell you how worth it those countries are. This way, you can build a full picture and possibly color your own rose-tinted glasses.

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