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Delhi is Touted to be the Perfect Gateway to the Serene Himalayan Visual Treat

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What makes Delhi airport one of the busiest and bustling tourist epicenters in South Asia? Why are thousands of tourists swarming into Delhi every day, and what makes it so sought after with the netizen of global destinations? The answer probably lies in unique latitudinal coordinates of Delhi highlighting its proximity to all the popular hill stations that sit on the lap of the Himalayan valleys.

Shimla and Manali have always been held close to the heart of the tourist, and they never think twice visiting these places again and again. The popularity of these places has climbed up to the magnitude of the act of pilgrimage through the sanctum of nature so much so that hardly you will find anyone from anywhere in India who did not have ever been to any of these places. The roadways to both these hill towns intersect Delhi which happens to be the only metropolitan city conveniently connected to them. Delhi is also accessible from rest of the other part of the country in all possible ways through Rail, Road and air transport. Frequent flights shuttle between Delhi and other metro cities in every single or couple of hours. 16 Mumbai to Delhi Flight booking online throughout the day connect the two cities. Fleets of aircraft being operated by almost all the domestic and international carriers are quite frequently found to be on their wings at Delhi airport to ensure the logistical support required to sustain an enormous load of passengers.

Tourists from global destinations can easily fly to Delhi and then they can charter a rented car to take them to hills through the spectacular labyrinth of mountain roads negotiating through the slopes of the hills and verge of the gorges overlooking the valley beneath. With the emergence of online digital travel platforms, booking tickets, or planning a vacation has now become a cakewalk for everyone. You can book your rooms or buy your air tickets only with a few clicks on your smartphone sitting in the comfort of your couch. Tourists are increasingly found to have preferred to book their tickets online, which also offers a host of attractive features aimed at delivering the best of user experiences that translate into higher retention percentage and better customer engagement.


Shimla is the capital of an Indian State called Himachal Pradesh surrounded by the mountain range of Himalaya. Shimla is probably the only capital town in India which is located at an elevation of 2276 meters from the sea level. Shimla was named after goddess Shyamla who is described as an avatar of goddess Kali. It was the Summer capital British ruled India. So the administrative buildings wrapped in red bricks and the gigantic churches themed in Gothic architecture bears the emblem of authentic British signature which marks the grandeur and sophistication of the British empire. A trip to Shimla would never be complete without a leisurely walk down the promenade of ethereal Shimla Mall overlooking the majestic mountains stretching themselves towards the limitlessness of the sky.

Shimla is fondly called the ‘Queen of Hills’ and you will see yourself meandering through the ridge road of Shimla which traverses diagonally through the mall with beautiful and colorful shops lining down on either side of it, you will probably realize why people have fallen in love with the ‘queen’ since time immemorial. Shimla could best be described through the visuals of unending stretches of apple orchards, exotic churches towering themselves up above the thick layer of drifting clouds, newly married couple holding hands tightly out of affection while offering a prayer to Jesus. Shimla is unique because of it still carries the reminiscence of Colonial India against the backdrop of a picturesque live Himalayan wallpaper.


Manali is a Himalayan resort town located at an altitude of 2050 meters which is popularly known as an adventure destination as it offers a whole gamut of adventure sports ranging from paragliding, bungee jumping to river rafting. Manali is a small valley which is unique by the juxtaposition of two contrasting natural phenomena of the mountain and the river packed together to create the most beautiful natural sights and scenes which the tourists behold in their memory forever. Manali is a gateway to Solang Valley and Rohtang Pass which is believed to be the most popular trekking trail in India.

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