Friday, February 1, 2019

Mirrored German Sculpture at Theodore M. Berry International Friendship Park

If  you have seen my first post about the Theodore M. Berry International Park, I would love for you to see this neat feature, the Mirrored German Sculpture.  We had a lot of fun watching our reflections to these mirrors, it made us skinny, thick, and weird in every piece lol.
There are numerous descriptive signs along the path that describe  all about what went into making the particular areas and the meaning behind all of them. These pictures shows the  part of the formal European garden section and our favorite feature which is the  mirrored German sculpture.  It said that these pieces were  brought here and were assembled onsite.
My husband  said  he finally find something that made him look skinny without any specific workout routine or diet  tactic lol.
It really is a neat feature in that park.  I have never seen one like this in so many parks that we have been to so it was quite a discovery for us.
This park is well maintained and kept for anyone to enjoy.  I love that it is located  by the river.
I will feature the rest of the European Garden next time.  

Again, this park is located right on the Ohio River, it is one of coolest  city parks that I've seen.  According to the info I have read, this 22-acre Cincinnati Park Board park opened in 2003 and was, at that time, the first new Cincinnati Park Board park to open in 40 years. The park was named in honor of Cincinnati’s first African-American Mayor, Theodore M. Berry.

9 travelers' comments:

candy said...

Just like going to the carnival and going through the house of mirrors when I was a kid. Without the darkness and scary stuff.

Alli Smith said...

That mirrored sculpture is amazing. I know my family would love spending time there and laughing at all the weird reflections.

Caits Cozy Corner said...

oh wow this looks so interesting- i never thought about a cool exhibit like this to take my kids too but these sculptures are pretty cool to see- next time in in Cincinnati ill def find this!

Heather @ Girl Gone Mom said...

These are so fun to play in front of. Like a fun house mirror but without the claustrophobia!

AiringMyLaundry said...

This is so neat! I know my kids would have a blast with this. I need to see it in person for sure.

Karen Dawkins said...

Oh my! I was in Cincinnati last summer. I would have loved to see this park! Very fun place. It would be loads of fun to give kids the camera and let them experiment with shots, too.

tiarastantrums said...

This looks like a very fun spot to visit with the family for an entertaining afternoon. I will have to add this spot to our travel bucket list.

Anonymous said...

That looks like an awesome destination. My family and I love to check out places like that on vacation. What an amazing exhibit.

The Super Mom Life said...

This looks like such a fun park. My kids would love those mirrors!

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