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Old Mill District, Pigeon Forge #Tennesse

We didn't get to  see the beautiful and quaint village of Old Mill Square until on the third day.  Had I  made  my research before going there, I would have loved to explore more and experience their hospitality with their southern  food and treats.  We discovered this when we were looking for a place to eat.  Unfortunately, we didn't know  that there is an  Old Mill Restaurant  there where you can eat Southern food.  That's what we missed out on. 

Anyway, I told my husband that we should go back there the next day so we can take a picture of Pigeon Forge's beautiful landmark.  The Little Pigeon River  is a favorite spot for tourists to take pictures with.  The first time we saw it,  it was crowded.  So I am glad that on the day that we had to go to Hartford Tenessess for our white water rafting adventure, there was no one there yet so we had the place all for ourselves.   

This historic location of Old Mill District in Pigeon Forge is gorgeous. There are unique shops inside the squares and different restaurants as well. We looked around at some of the shopping stores where you can find beautiful souvenirs. 
It's amazing that the  Old Mill General Store and Mill are still a big part of Pigeon Forge.  Imagine seeing this place which dates back to the 1800’s, it is so cool.  I am also amazed that they still grind the grains for the all of the properties inside.

My daughter would have love to see the Pigeon River Pottery.  It said that it  is the cornerstone shop and has been in continual operation for over 50 years. I would have love to see the  potters demonstrate how to make this traditional mountain craft. 
It might have been a blessing in disguise that I did not get to explore the pottery  because I would have not control myself from buying  handmade serving pieces and decorative art. The Pigeon River Pottery must have made  some of the the plates and  bowls from the restaurants that we  dined at.  

Adjacent to the  Old Mill Plaza is a the Patriot Park.  I can tell that Tennessee are big on  religion and love for military.  
Aside from the kitchen items that we missed to check out,  we also missed out on checking the food and spices at the Farmhouse Kitchen.  I bet my son would have been in heaven for  an irresistible array of candies and sweets.  Oh the sound of homemade caramel and fresh pecans at the Old Mill Candy Kitchen would have been terrific.
 I am saying all of these things that we didn't get to do and see so that when you  go there in Pigeon Forge, you will remember to check it out.  That's one  downside too when you visit a place during the hot summer  days.  You tend to stay away from  walking around, driving around doesn't  bring much fun because finding a parking space in a busy street is hard.  
 I am happy however that we were able to at least take some photos of these  beautiful river.
 This would be a great group of   images to make as postcards.  I didn't  even get a refrigerator magnet  with this mill on it, ugh... but I have a chance to order it online using my photos so it's not a big deal.  
 If I live in Pigeon Forge, I would be in this spot often.  The sound of the water is so relaxing.
The Pigeon Forge Mill or  commonly called the Old Mill, is a historic gristmill .  It is located along the West Fork of the Little Pigeon River.  The, the mill complex currently consists of a millhouse, breastshot wheel, and milldam, all of which are operative.  The history of this mill is very interesting.
 If we ever go back to Pigeon Forge, I would definitely do the things that we didn't get to do do when we were there.  I would prefer a  cooler  temperature when visiting though that way I could walk around without sweating like crazy.  
 Overall, our three-day adventure in Tennessee was awesome.  We get to see not just Pigeon Forge but part of Gatlinburg and Hartford.  We even drove through one  city of North Carolina!

18 travelers' comments:

Alli Smith said...

I haven't been to Pigeon Forge is several years. I need to go back and revisit and check out the Old Mill District. Looks like your family had a great adventure.

Heather @ Girl Gone Mom said...

You've definitely got some postcard images there, for sure! It looks so beautiful. Have to add TN to my travel list!

The Mommies Reviews said...

What a fun place to visit and Pottery and Soaps what more does a girl need?

Heavenly Savings said...

I'm glad you got to go back when it was not crowded. It's stunning there! What a fun trip and wonderful family memories.

Candysfarmhousepantry said...

We went to Tennessee for the first time this year to visit and enjoy. We didn't get to Pigeon Forge so will have to plan another trip. Looks beautiful.

AiringMyLaundry said...

This would be a cool place to explore! We have been wanting to go to Pigeon Forge for the Titanic Museum. I'll keep this area in mind if we ever go!

Melissa Chapman said...

I have never been to Tennesse but this area and the waterfall looks great. That shopping area is a place not to miss on this trip.

NYCSingleMom said...

What a neat place to visit and enjoy! Have to bookmark your post if we get to the area.

1stopmom said...

I have never been to Pigeon Forge but from all the great pictures you took I would not mind check it out. I would love to explore it!

Rochkirstin Santos said...

Wow! The river looks really great as if I'm seeing it from a movie scene. People who live nearby who can hear the sound of water every day must be very lucky.

Unknown said...

Running water is so soothing, I would totally go there a lot too! I'd heard of Pigeon Forge before but had no idea they had any of this stuff there, that is so cool!

Alyssa Hertzig said...

Would you believe I've never even been to Tennesee? I've been wanting to plan a trip there though, and this looks like a really cool place. Will keep it in mind!

The Super Mom Life said...

I've only been to Nashville, but I loved TN. I'm hoping we can stop there on our next road trip.

Bohemian Babushka said...

Tennessee is beautiful country, so glad you got to visit. Go again closer to Christmas for a whole other side of beauty. Enchanting.

Ricci Ellis said...

I feel like I have driven through Pigeon Forge but never stopped. Now I want to stop the next time I drive through there!!

Stroller In The City said...

This place looks so stunning, that waterfall is gorgeous!! I would love to visit with my kiddies one day!

Liz Cochico said...

Love that there is so much to see and do at Pigeon Forge. I would love to go one day.

Deli said...

It looks like you had a great time, Sis, despite missing some of the other spots there. I think missing some of the key spots you mentioned will at least give you more than one reason to go back and explore Tennessee again :)

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