Monday, September 18, 2017

Fidget Spinners

During the hype of fidget spinners,  my son has been wanting  one since most of his friends in school has it.  We told him that we would  get him one at the end of the  school year as a reward if his grades are excellent.  We honored  our words  by buying him one as soon as we received and saw his  grades, he was very happy.  This did not last very long though.  For some reason, he thought it would be fun to spin it in the water when they went in the swimming pool and because of the chlorine content in the pool water, the metal  rusted.  I told him that since he did not take care of it, that is it, no more fidget spinners  for him.
However, on my birthday, we went to the mall and he said he would buy a fidget spinner as a present  for me. He said, I can use it when I am stressed or feeling bored.  I told him I  don't need  any  fidget spinner but  I laughed because I thought it was a clever way for him to get another one lol.  Anyway, since he  is a very good kid, we bought it for him.  This  one still exist till today, he made sure to take care of it.  He learned his lesson so that's a great thing.  My husband even spins this  when watching TV.

Anyway, the hype has died down and I don't really see any kid playing with this anymore but I could be wrong.  I think the fact that school  does not allow any student  to have this in school, made the kids stayed away from it.  However, if you are are still into this type of  stress-relieving toy, you can  check out the link above and  order you one.  By now, it is probably cheap since the hype is gone.  I must admit, although there are  news  that spinners  caused some children to choke, this type of toy can really be entertaining.  I think parents just need to be observant when their child is playing with it and  also, they need to  pick the right one to buy.

This year, I am encouraging our  kids to do well in school because their reward would be a visit to the Philippines, God-willing.  We started a  fund for it so that when it is  time, we could use it to book our flight.  Going back to my home country is very expensive for  the four of us that's why, I have only  visited my family twice ever since I left 12 years ago.  As much as I would like to visit my Mom often, I couldn't do it because of the expense.  It's been hard but that's  the reality of life.  You can't always  get what you want.  I just hope that we could  push through our plan by next year, it would be great to see my Mom again.  I am crossing my fingers crossed.

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