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7 Tips to Visit Rome with Family

Rome was indeed not built in a day, and it certainly cannot be explored in a day too. The city is teeming with different architectural styles, and eateries and the museums vie for the visitor’s attention. There are Renaissance palazzos, ancient fountains and classical ruins. This is the perfect city to be in because of the smorgasbord of activities. Rome is certainly big, and if you are traveling there with our family and children, then you certainly need to plan your trip accordingly. First and foremost, you need to be sure that you have comfortable lodging arranged. Thankfully, there are plenty of houses for rent in Italy that are just perfect for a family.
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1. Rome can be exhausting, especially with children. Plan a well carved out itinerary that fits the moods of all and is not tiring. There is no need to cover everything in one day. You need to keep the kids engaged without overwhelming them. Take breaks in-between to rest and relax. Just hang out during the free time and enjoy gelato. You can stop for sodas or coffee in local cafes and let your children play in parks that you pass. Italian gelato is a must on your trip, and your children will keep asking for more. Stop at any of the taste-testing gelaterias.

2. Start early and after having a good breakfast, and when everyone is in a fresh mood. Always carry hats, a water bottle and umbrella as she sun can be brutal in Rome. Bring a refillable container and fill the bottles whenever you come across public drinking fountains. You will need the umbrella to shelter yourself from the sun as well as a sudden shower. Always carry some medicine for your kids in case they fall ill.

3. You have to prioritize your sites when visiting a city like Rome. Children don’t have the similar interests as adults. You can always take the Double Decker Bus Tour that offers you plenty of time with your children, and allow you to see maximum areas of interest without getting tired. It is a good idea to get some books before the trip to Italy and help your children know some common Italian words and phrases. It can be fun to try out conversations with the locals and come back with terrific memories.

4. Some of the favorite spots to explore with children are Pantheon, Vatican, Colosseum and Trevi Fountain. Explore the Palatine Hill full of dramatic archaeological ruins with your family and visit Borghese Gallery that boasts of world’s largest art collections. One can spend an entire day at the Vatican museums. Children love playing around the Trevi Fountain, which is a well-known Roman landmark. Toss coin here and be assured of another visit to Rome! Kids love running around in free Italian piazzas such as Piazza Navona and Piazza del Popolo, with gorgeous fountains. Visit the Pantheon that is very cool from within and entices a child of every age.

5. Roman ruins certainly do not list in child’s list of priorities. Make Rome memorable for every member of your family. Thankfully, Rome has plenty of interesting activities for the younger tourists. Those kids who carry interest in technology will enjoy exploring Technotown with science-based adventures. Vintage Chocolate Factory is another favorite with the children. You can catch terrific shows for children in theatres and cinemas. Piazza del Popolo and Piazzale Flaminio are well-known children’s museum.

6. If you want your kids to enjoy the trip to the fullest, why not spend a day at a water slide park. Rome boasts of plenty of aquatic amusement and leisure parks. Some popular options are Aquapiper, Hydromania, Aquafelix, Zoomarine and Rainbow MagicLand. There are roller coasters, water slides, playgrounds, swimming pools, attractions, Jacuzzis, waterfalls and a wide range of extreme plunge slides. Your children and family can have endless fun the whole day and come back with some great memories.
7. Children love pizzas and pasta and eating out sounds terrific for them. Although the food is great, and there are awesome restaurants, children love picnics. You can plan a picnic in any of these favorite spots such as Borghese Gardens, Villa Celimontana, Giardino Degli Aranci, Villa Torlonia and more. Families and romantic couples are often seen spending lazy weekends in the great outdoors. Children can be seen playing football and chasing butterflies while adults are simply lounging on a blanket. Just pack some great food and pick a grassy spot. Enjoy those fresh ready-to-eat pasta, cheeses, sausage sandwiches and take along a bottle of fine wine. Children will love bread and desserts, pizza and pasta. One can spend a lovely and relaxing afternoon with their family and enjoy some quiet time away from the city rush and chaos. A picnic in outdoors can be rejuvenating for the whole group.
One should spend at least a week in Rome with their family and plan a family-friendly itinerary. It would be easy to chalk out as to what to see when w and which days to allocate to tourist attractions. The main challenge lies in fitting everything within your trip and avoid missing out on anything because of time limitations. Rome can offer a family both an educational and adventurous trip of a life time. There is history, architecture, art, food, and culture to explore here. It is hard to escape the glory of Rome, and the wonderful, mad city keeps everyone entertained.​

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