Thursday, June 15, 2017

3 Fun Family Projects for Rainy Days

It’s pretty standard these days for parents to find their time eaten up by chores, work, car pooling their kids between school, enrichment classes and play dates and basically just trying to keep up with the day to day realities of life. Even when you do get some down time, the chances are the kids are absorbed in TV, a computer game or social media, which can make it a challenge to actually do something together as a family.

Be Prepared

Rainy days are the perfect chance to enthrall your captive audience with some fun, rainy day projects you have on standby – ready and waiting to make memories to treasure. You don’t need to be particularly talented as preparation and enthusiasm go a long way – and at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if things go wrong, it’s the shared time that makes this such a valuable exercise.

Project Idea 1 – Card Games

With one regular pack of 52 playing cards, you can teach your kids dozens of different games. You may have some games that you may remember from your own childhood, and if not the instructions for tons of card games can be easily found online. The easiest for beginners are games like Snap, Old Maid, Solitaire, Memory and 21.

Card games are cheap to play, easy to set up, and create a healthy amount of both competition and camaraderie.

Project Idea 2 – Create Your Own Stories

Every family has a collection of stories to tell, and sharing them is a great way to reminisce, remember those we have known, and strengthen the family bond. You can also use real events to create an entirely new story – embellishing or altering the facts as you choose.

Making a campfire is a great idea if you are planning on telling stories out loud, and if you make some s’mores, your kids will definitely remain interested.  However, they can also be produced in writing, or via a comic strip, drama or song – whatever works best for your family.

Project Idea 3 – Design a Special Poster

Making a poster is a good way to produce something long lasting from your rainy day project. The logistics of your poster – such as size, font, and color are one aspect of the activity, but the main focus to start will be content.

There are so many possibilities. You may need to organize a vote to choose what to create, or have everyone make something different. Some ideas for topics include a poster of house rules, a favorite quotation, promoting a family or charity event or, for older children, creating advertising for a company they would like to own.

There are no limits to what you can create, and with a free poster maker there’s no need to be limited by software costs.

Time seems to pass so quickly, making it even more vital that we grab every precious moment of fun, relaxed family time that is on offer. Simple projects strengthen bonds and create great memories – don’t miss out on making yours.

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