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Things to Explore on Your Next Visit to Rome

A paradise for people who are in love with history, art and architecture, Rome will never disappoint you whenever you visit this one of the most beautiful places on earth. The old architectures are something to admire and there are thousands of sites to explore. Additionally, there are several other interesting and exciting things to do too when you are in Rome. Want to know what are the most exciting things to explore during your Rome vacation? Let’s take a look into some of the most interesting things that you can explore here.
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Visit the Colosseum
This is like a must to do kind of thing when you visit Rome taking benefit of SaveMyPocket as it is one of the grandest architectures on the planet.

The things to explore:
The Colossus amphitheatre built during the Roman Empire could hold more than 50,000 people at one time. Although, there are ruins left now, but even with the broken architecture, the stadium looks really impressive.
Take a tour both inside and outside the Colosseum and do not forget to book your tickets beforehand. There are hundreds of tourists who visit this piece of history daily.

Gaze into the sky inside the Pantheon
Pantheon is another iconic building in Rome and the architectural beauty will leave you spellbound.
The things to explore:
In fact, it is the largest concrete dome that has ever been built and it is massive. Visit the Pantheon and gaze heavenwards. The feeling is definitely heavenly.
Check out the statues and other stone carved items that are inside and have a surreal time here.

Trevi Fountain
A trip to Rome would go incomplete if you do not visit the Trevi Fountain.
The things to explore:
It is one of the most visited tourist spots and you will get to know so much more about the mythological characters of Rome. Best thing to do would be to take a tour around and do not forget to take a guide along.
Also, throw coins in the fountain. Who knows, you can get your wish fulfilled.

Explore the Vatican
Explore the entire Vatican City can take quite some time. Keep a separate day to visit this place.
The things to explore:
 You will get to see the works of Michelangelo and other artists here. Start your day by visiting the Piazza di San Pietro and then move on to the many museums that Vatican has. The antique sculptures, old master paintings and Raphael Rooms will take you back in time.
If you want to get some solace, then pay a visit to Castel Sant’Angelo. You will never get bored by the beauty that surrounds Vatican.

St.Peter’s Basilica
This is like the epicenter of Rome and another must visit place that you simply cannot afford to miss.
The things to explore:
 If you love light treks, then try reaching the top of the dome. You will find many fellow tourists enjoying this trek. Climb all the 323 steps and when you are on top, you will get a panoramic view of Rome’s beautiful landscape.
Do not forget to take your camera along because you will not want to miss the view for one second.

Many may say that Rome is for historians and budding architects, but as a general tourist, you are bound to fall in love with this place. So, plan your Rome vacation right today using and get ready to explore the bunch of exciting things that it has for you in it store. After all, the history and beauty that Rome has is incomparable to any other city.

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Diane said...

Sadly we missed Rome when we were on our cruise as I was in the medical centre on a drip!!! Happily it was the only day we totally missed. Happy Easter Diane

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