Saturday, April 29, 2017

St. Joseph School Volleyball Team: Picture Day

Volleyball season has come to an end.  They had their last game last week against the rival school.  They won  but it was a very close game, the other team were very good as well.  These photos were taken during their picture day for both of the volleyball teams at St. Joe's.  
Daughter was wearing a green shorts, when we  came to the gym, most of her teammates wearing black so she had to go back home and changed although she didn't have to but she felt out of place.
I'm glad she changed because the legging  looks better than the shorts anyway.  When she came out of her room wearing the shorts, I asked her if she really wants to wear a shorts and she  told me yes but when we arrived in the gym, she felt the need to change lol.
While waiting for the other's to finish, I took the chance to take pictures of them.
Here's with coach Mike and Mrs. Velegol.
Somehow, all of them except my daughter,moved when I took the shot so only my daughter had a clear face and  all of them have a hazy ones.  It looks pretty neat how it turned out though.
I always bring my camera  during picture  day even though there is a professional photographer there because I love capturing extras  that I can save in my own folder.
This season seems so short.  They only had few  weeks and it was all over.
Not sure why  they feel the need to dub but I guess it's a new thing for these  young minds.
The close friends  posed for fun.
It's nice when you see your children gets along very well with other kids.
I had to capture a shot of my son and his friends.  They will be  playing volleyball too  next year.  Hopefully, our son would join the basket ball again since we have  a basketball hoop now in our backyard.  He felt intimidated by the other players when he tried out so he did not  go back to practice. 
Sports is a really good thing for children.  It keeps them on their  tiptoe shape and it gets them moving.  My son is looking forward to starting the football season again this year.  

6 travelers' comments:

Diane said...

Great photos. Not a game we see played in France. Have a good day Diane

Nova said...

it's nice to get more memorable pictures of your daughter with her team.

Mommy Levy said...

is your house near her school? glad she was able to arrive on time even though you went home to change. Your daughter is so pretty by the way.

Unknown said...

Such a fun picture day! Here, Parents are not allowed on Team picture day, so I have always had to wait until she brings the pictures home.

Jessica Cassidy said...

Congrats to your daughter's school team Sis. She is not only has beauty, talent and athletic as well.

Maria Teresa Figuerres said...

Lovely photos, especially the one with the dabbing pose! It's quite popular among children here in the Philippines, too. Congratulations to their team!

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