Friday, January 27, 2017

Music is Like a Magnet

I am glad that my  kids had some great memories  with my FIL before he got Alzheimer's.    They miss the Pap that they knew but  I am happy that they still wants to see him  even though Dad  doesn't engage to the conversation sometimes.  I always tell them  to remember all the happy times that we had with him.
My kids may not  realized it but a lot of the old folks at Gables Care Center really likes it when they play piano.  It always starts just my FIL as the audience and then  music lover senior would come and watch as well.  Music is like a magnet that  connects people together.
I told my kids that God gave them some talent so they have to share it to others.
I remember one old guy  stopped by and  listend then before he left, he told my husband and I to  encourage   our kids to keep playing.  He said they remind him of his daughter who also love playing piano growing up.  It's very refreshing when you can connect to other people though music.  I think if  would be born again, I would love to be able to  leanr how to  play instruments such as this MF's tama superstar set.  I always admire  a person that can do it.  Anyway, below is a video of one  of the song she's been practicing at home.

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