Wednesday, January 18, 2017

6 Great Tips for Working Moms

If you have returned to work after having children, you’ll know how difficult it can be balancing work with your home life. If you are currently considering returning to work, it could be one of the hardest decisions you will ever make. Either way, know that it can be done. These fantastic tips should help you cope with, and perhaps even enjoy being, a working mom.

Find a Flexible Career

If you already have a career that you love, speak to either your manager or HR department about the possibilities of working flexibly. This could include working some days from home, working part time, or working some shorter days, making the hours up elsewhere. You might be pleasantly surprised to find your needs can be accommodated. If you are looking for a career change, consider some of these more flexible workplaces:

·        Schools. There are many careers within a school, all of which offer great hours and term time working. Some of the best, aside from teaching, are receptionist, kitchen assistant, school nurse or counselor at school. If counseling is something you could be interested in, see Wake Forest University for some great counseling programs online.

·        Healthcare practices. Working as a doctor, nurse or admin assistant within a healthcare practice is a much more flexible alternative to some other places of work within the healthcare sector. Practices often attract those with families for this reason.
·        Retail. Working in retail might not pay the most, but with many retail staff working evenings and weekends around school, there are a lot of opportunities for those wanting to work during school hours.

·        Freelancing. If you have any skills, like writing or design, you could use them to make money as a freelancer from home.

Ask for Help

This might mean asking your partner to pick the kids up some days, or asking a family member to babysit so you can get a break. Whatever it is, ask. Moms don’t have to do everything, and needing help does not mean you’ve failed.


Get the kids into a great routine. This can include everything from dinner and bedtimes, to when they do their homework and play games. Try to stick to a childcare routine if you need it. Structure and routine are important to your child’s development, and can also make your life a lot easier.


Keep a diary, and write everything down. Your work shifts, where the kids need to be, any appointments or meetings. Even consider writing down meals and housework that needs doing if it makes things easier.

Look After Yourself

Make sure you eat a healthy diet, drink 8glasses of water a day, sleep enough and get some exercise. That might sound a lot, but it will keep your energy levels up and help you avoid getting slowed down by illness.

Whatever your reasons for choosing to return to work, don’t feel guilty about them. As long as you feel you are doing what’s right for you and your family, don’t let society tell you any different. Try finding fun ways to involve your children, take them to visit your workplace if you can, or play games that include your job. Family and work don’t necessarily need to be completely separate.

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