Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Caring For Pets As A First Time Owner

If you're considering getting a pet, then it's important to make sure that you are able to care for them and that you know the best way to care for them.

Just like people,  not all animals are the same,  but they do need certain levels of care that we would also expect for ourselves.

Of course they need lots of love and attention, and also training, so if you live somewhere where you have to travel a lot for work, or you can't get back to them early in the day to take them out for lots of exercise and fresh air, then maybe it's best actually not to get a pet at the moment because if your lifestyle doesn't accommodate pets, then it's really not fair to them or to you.

If you know that you're ready for a pet and that you're able to take care of it the way that it needs,  then here are some ways that you can you make sure that you have the best experience with your pets and that they get all the loving care they need, so they will give you all the rewards of having a pet as part of your family.

plenty of food and water.

just like humans, cats and dogs and other pets all need to be fed and watered. Whilst we need good food and exercise,  they also need to eat healthy.  Almost dogs will try to eat anything, but there's a few things that are completely off bounds for them, such as cheese, chocolate and grapes.  These  can be very dangerous for dogs, and can cause serious health problems, and even result in death,  but even if your dog is making  puppy eyes at you and making you feel sorry for them,  please keep in mind that your dog's health always comes first, and then just as you would with a child, it's your responsibility to look after them and make sure they're safe. Try to purchase good quality food for your dog, and the odd treats here and there are fine. If you do want to give them chocolate, then you can also purchase pet chocolate at the pet store.

plenty of exercise.

again just as humans do,  animals also need plenty of exercise to stay fit and healthy, So if you can make sure that you can take them for a walk at least twice per day, and if you can, also let them run around in any garden that you have.

love and affection.

having pets can be very rewarding, and it's also good to show them that you love them.  They will be very loyal to you, and will love you a lot, so it makes sense that you would love them in return, and if not, then why would you even bother having them? Plenty of cuddles and clapping is usually good enough for pets. They want to be played with but they're not overly demanding. they just want to know that they are secure and that they feel loved.

health check ups.

just like humans do, animals can get sick, and they also need to be checked out regularly to ensure that there is nothing causing them any pain or distress, and if there is something that is underlying, then you can get it checked out and treated before it causes any serious problems.  Cats and dogs can suffer from fleas and things like worms, so speak to your vet about these, and ask about places where you can get wormers for cats and dogs.

comfortable place to sleep.
all animals are relatively low maintenance when it comes to where they sleep in comparison to humans. They also want to be comfortable just like we do, so you don't have to go over the top to ensure your dog and cat have a nice firm blanket or cushion to sleep on and that their sleeping area is kept clean.

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