Friday, October 21, 2016

How to choose a moving company

As many of  you who read my blogs regularly knows that we just recently  moved to a new house  few months ago.  It's been a really busy  time for us  because we  did some home improvements to this house  before we moved in.  We had all the flooring done, applied a fresh coat of pain  on all the walls,  and now we are  having  new  windows put in.  We did most of the  works ourselves except the the tiles in the kitchen, and family room.  If we would have enough time, we would have done the tiles too  in order to save money but  the former owner  occupied the house for another 30 days after we closed the sale.  
We got the Ultimate Moving Checklist From Home Depot   and also rented all the equipment and tools we used  there since we did not have those specific cools that we need .  Moving is stressful not only physically  but also emotionally.  It can be emotionally draining and not to mention  the financial expenses that comes with it.   We did not hire a professional  movers but we got some help from  some my husband's co workers and  our neighbors.  We rented a truck and with other people's help, we moved most of our stuff.  We had to do two separate move because we didn't get to finish hauling everything out in one day.  One of the  other things that we didn't attempt to move is the piano and refrigerator.  We hired a professional piano mover to do it.  My husband asked a relative to help him  move the refrigerator as I couldn't help him with it.

It is really nice though that you can  obtain a  Moving Company License Checker online and  see your options.  It will give you an idea  or a guide on how to choose a moving company.     When my husband was  still in the  military, we didn't have to worry about the expenses of moving because they took care of everything for us, that's one thing I missed about  the military but I am glad he is now retired.  We don't have to worry about him being sent overseas.  

I felt so relieved this month because we finally sold  our old home.  I mean we received the offer back in July but we didn't get to close till this month.  The buyer have requested  us to do some stuff, we agreed to some of it but the other stuff, we declined.  I am just glad, we don't have to  pay two mortgages anymore, it's been stiff paying for two every month!  I feel like a strong weight has been lifted off my shoulder.  This has been quite a wild ride and journey for us.  

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