Monday, August 22, 2016

#FamilyFun at Water Country USA in York County Virginia

During our short summer getaway in Williamsburg, Virginia, Water Country USA was the first thing we tried. Water Country is a water theme park in York County, Virginia, about 3 miles southeast of Williamsburg, Virginia, USA. It is the Mid-Atlantic's largest water park.  It is owned by SeaWorld Entertainment. The park is just a few miles away from Busch Gardens Williamsburg.  We were very lucky that the hotel we  stayed into is very close to these parks.
It cost $134 for the four of us to get in.  It was so hot that day that I felt so miserable since I couldn't swim with them.  My period is so irregular that I always have it when we  travel, no matter how  I schedule our travels on the week where I wasn't suppose to have it, just my luck I guess.  But anyhow, the kids had a blast so that's what matters.  
 We went  very early there and were so suprised to see a long line of cars already  ahead of us.  We thought, we would be the first one lol.  We were seeing different cars from different states which  the kids had fun  with while we wait for our car to move along.  They were  guessing where the next car would be from.  I love that my kids always finds  ways to amuse themselves.
 Even though we purchased our tickets online, we still have to go through the admission process because  their  booth where you can  check in using your  receipt wasn't working.
I don't know about you but  it seems like wather theme parks are magnets for kids so it doesn't really matter how hot it is, they just can't wait to get in and enjoy the  water fun.
Wave pool is very popular to any water theme parks and it is always  full of people.
It is a must to apply sunscreen before  going to the water  to avoid being  sun burned especially when it is too hot.
My husband is  easily get sun burned so it is a must for him to  have  his skin sprayed with sun screen lotion.
I would have enjoyed the water too but unfortunately, I couldn't.  I enjoyed watching my family have fun though.
There were so many fun things to do in Water Country.  My daughter is always the adventurous one who is not scared of trying anyhing even the scariest ones.
My son is  always cautious so he kind of stayed  on the ones where it is safe for him and he feels more comfortable.
At first I couldn't wait for them to come back to where we first  sat in because the sun caught up in that location.  I couldn't leave without them knowing where I was because it would just create a  cinfusion so I  waited for a couple of hours and I was miserabvle already.  They said that the  lines was long  that it took them almost an hour to get into one slide that they only  enjoyed for  few minutes .  They are sure  more patient than me  because if I will wait in line for that long, I would say, forget about it.
Anyway, we couldn't go to  any theme parks without the kids asking for some dip and dots treat.  What I don't like is the price lol.  These parks know that they can get  whatever amount they want because there are always have kids who would  want it.  I also find it ridiculous that  you are not allowed to bring  drinks and snacks.  They really want you to buy their food and drinks at a cost they want.
At the end of the day, it's the memories that we made  that counts, no matter what the cost was.  This would be another moment that we can look back to in the  future and say "Oh we had so much fun out there!"

17 travelers' comments:

Stacie said...

Busch Gardens is one of my favorite theme parks. It's the perfect combination of rides and activities. So there's something for everyone.

Unknown said...

Water Parks are a lot of fun and have something for the whole family. This summer was a warm one so having a place to cool off is important.

Unknown said...

That looks like so much fun. My girls would love it there. We love going to water parks like these!

Inspiring Kitchen said...

That's a super fun adventure for the whole family. I also don't like that they don;t allow you to bring food. The food at the park usually cost so much.

HilLesha O'Nan said...

My family and I enjoy going to water parks, but we haven't been to one this summer. I guess we need to before the summer ends!

krystal said...

That is a shame that you couldn't enjoy the attractions. I would have gone in! Looks like a decent price for a day!

Christy G said...

I wanted to take the kids to the water park this summer. However, it didn't work out. Oh well, maybe next summer.

It sounds like your family had a blast.

Nikki said...

New York is a wonderful city. I am so glad that you enjoyed your adventure there.

MidgetMomma said...

That looks like a super fun trip!

Gabriel said...

Can't really go wrong with a water park in the middle of summer. Looks like you guys had a blast!

Eloise said...

I'll have to take the kids there some day, looks amazing with lots of fun memories to be made!

Annemarie LeBlanc said...

Looks like your kids had a lot of fun! Those smiles are so precious. I wish it was closer to where I live so that I could take the grandchilren there. I also feel the same way with parks not allowing food and snacks to be taken inside. I understand they have to keep the place clean, but I just wish they would not charge so much for the food they serve.

Jessica Cassidy said...

Awww! What a treat for the kids to enjoy Sis. It looked like you all had a blast. My kids loves anything that has water and rides. I am sure they will love this place if we visit Virginia someday.

Nova said...

oh i love waterpark, it's similar to the once we've been visiting here in my place we called it Darien Lake in which there are both water park and amusement park in one place

Zwitsy said...

Well, business as we know it. and they surely know that us, parents... for the sake of our kids, we surely won't back out. hahahah anyhow, yeah, what's important is the memories you guys made.

Teresa Martinez said...

Your family's activities are always documented and I can just imagine the tons of memories you have in photos. I only wish I can do this myself.

Ria C said...

That is so much fun!!! That's the perfect way to cap off the hot summer season as we know welcome Fall. It's back to boots and sweaters again. :)

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