Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Trips to Wheeling, West Virginia

We don't really go to Wheeling because it takes  45 minutes to get there from our location but recently , we had to because  the kids  started to  play tennis this Spring and most of the tennis matches are held there.  I must admit, the  route to Wheeling park is a place we have never been to so it was a refreshing trips for us.  
 As usual, I busied myself taking pictures of random stuff along the way.
 Our car's windshield is not very clear so the photos are  kind of hazy.
 I used my 200Mmm lens so I could capture far distances object.
 This is part of  Ohio highway.  I am not sure if this is the steel mills in Mingo Junction, Ohio.
 They were doing road construction and I told my husband that if I am the one driving, I would probably  scrape the side of the car because of the narrow roads lol.
 Last week was our last trip going there as it was the last match for the tennis.  There will be another  match but it will be held here in Weirton.  
 It's  cool that in order to get to the other  cities of West Virginia, we have to drive across Ohio to get there.  So not only we get to see the beauty of West Virginia but we also enjoy the Ohio side.
 I love when establishments proudly fly their flags.
 This church is huge, you won't miss it because it is located right along the road.
 I really love this historic houses in Wheeling.  They are gorgeous.
 If we will be give a chance to visit  Wheeling just to explore it, I would do it in a heartbeat.  There's so much to see and learn.
 My kids are fascinated with this hill.  They thought that the plants growing there is somewhat mysterious lol.  A type that you would see in  horror movies, oh dear, their imagination is something  else.
On our way home, my husband was telling the kids that we will all remember these trips that we did when they are playing professional tennis lol.  It's a long shot of a dream but it  can happen, we never know what fuuture holds.  What we can all do as parents is  support  our children's interests.

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Maria Teresa Figuerres said...

It's always fascinating to visit new places, territories that we've never explored yet. There's so much to see and so many new things to learn.

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